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8 Port Voice FXO/FXS over IP (Ethernet) Converter

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Type : Voice Over IP
Description :

The voice over ip converter encapsulates the voice data in the IP packet, supports the UDP packet mode, and realizes the 1-8 voice service to the 100M Ethernet conversion.


This converter encapsulates voice data in IP packets and supports UDP packetization. It enables converting 8-channel voice services to 2-channel 100M Ethernet, allowing communication within the same subnet or across different subnets through a router.


8 ports voice over ip converter8 ports voice over ip converter 


This device provides a Console (RS232) management interface, facilitating installation and activation.

The Ethernet interface supports 10M/100M rates, with auto-negotiation for full-duplex/half-duplex.

It supports automatic recovery in case of power or network outages.

It supports Ethernet packet out-of-order recovery and cache to anti-network delay.

● The frame length can be adjusted to strike a balance between bandwidth and transmission delay.

Based on hardware design, it ensures fast startup.

The voice interface supports FXO/FXS/2-wire or 4-wire EM/2-wire or 4-wire audio/magnetic telephone interfaces. The FXO port interfaces with a PBX, while the FXS port connects to the user’s telephone device.

It supports caller ID display, reverse polarity billing, and fax functionality.

The telephone interface supports mutual dialing between two sites.

It supports management through both Console serial port and web management.

Multiple power supply options are available, including AC220V, DC-48V/DC24V. It supports dual power backup modes such as AC+DC, AC+AC, and DC+DC.


● 10/100M Ethernet Interface

Protocol: IEEE 802.3az, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

Rate: 10/100M adaptive, full/half duplex fully adaptive

MAC Address Table: 4096 MAC addresses can be learned

Physical interface: RJ45 seat supports auto mdix


● FXS Phone Port

Ring voltage: 75V

Ring frequency: 25HZ

2-wire Impedance: 600 Ohm (off-hook)

Return loss: 40 dB


● FXO Trunk Port

Ring detection voltage: 35V

Ring detection frequency: 17HZ-60HZ

2-wire Impedance: 600 Ohm (off-hook)

Return loss: 40 dB


● EM 2/4 Wire

AD: 0dB

DA: 0dB

2/4-wire Impedance: 600 Ohm

Return loss: 20 dB


● Environmental Indicators

Operating temperature: – 10 ℃ – + 60 ℃

Storage temperature: – 40 ℃ – + 85 ℃

Working humidity: 0% – 95% (no condensation)

MTBF: > 100000 hours



8 * Voice over Ethernet, Internal power AC220V/DC48V/DC24V can be optional 

Power Supply

Power supply: AC180V ~ 260V; DC –48V; DC +24V
Power consumption: ≤20W

Product Size

(L × W × H) 216*140*31mm  Desktop


0.85Kg / pc


application of 8 ports voice over ip converter


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