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Armed police force to promote the "wisdom rock" project

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    "Although Ningxia Corps is located in the underdeveloped areas of Western China, it has taken the lead in 100% of the phased construction tasks, forming the" Ningxia experience "worth learning from..." at the recent meeting on promoting the construction and deployment of the "wisdom rock" project of the armed police force, the experience and practice of Ningxia corps of the armed police were deeply concerned by the representatives and widely praised. In recent years, under the guidance of President Xi Jinping's major strategic thinking of revitalizing the military through science and technology, the Corps has persisted in taking promoting science and technology to strengthen the army as the project of the times, the project of strengthening the army, and the project of mission. Closely centering on the goal of building the "four systems" and realizing the "four changes", the Corps has taken the initiative, focused on overcoming difficulties, and vigorously promoted the construction of the "wisdom rock" project supported by science and technology, The combat effectiveness of the army has been effectively improved.
    "Persisting in the principle of" unification "with a high position and gathering the ideological consensus of promoting the construction of the" wisdom rock "project are the basis and premise of our work." Chen Wei, commander of the Corps, said that although the Corps is located in remote areas, its central idea is not biased, and its economy is backward, but its concept is not backward. They have always stood at the height of politics, strategy and mission, insisted on promoting the "wisdom rock" project as a breakthrough to enhance the combat effectiveness of the troops, and guided all levels to continuously strengthen their sense of urgency, opportunity and command. In order to promote the work, the leaders of the corps have coordinated the autonomous region to hold special construction deployment meetings for many times, cooperated with the public security and judicial departments and other relevant departments to conduct investigation and demonstration unit by unit, incorporated the "wisdom rock" project into the construction of "safe Ningxia and wisdom Yinchuan" and into the special construction planning of public security and judicial, and established a working mechanism of integrated leadership, one game operation and one-stop docking, Draw a road map, set a timetable, and issue a military order to ensure the completion of the construction task within the time node.
    We should take advantage of the general trend of the times. Insisting on "building" from a high starting point has become the core theme of the team's "wisdom rock" project. This corps seized the favorable opportunity for the reform of the public security, judicial system, and police system, and tied the prison merger and integration and the "wisdom rock" project together. According to the idea of "one point, one situation, one team, one policy", they refined and quantified seven major 51 construction standards, differentiated different construction status, such as new construction, reconstruction and relocation, implemented policies according to local conditions, implemented classified guidance, intervened in advance for new construction goals, defined standards, built at one time, highlighted key points for reconstruction and expansion goals, integrated transformation, and made up for missing items and stabilized foundation for relocation goals, We should improve the quality and efficiency of construction in the process of unification, division and combination of points and areas. In the process of construction, the Corps actively strives for supporting funds, selects equipment manufacturers inside and outside the area, focuses on command and control, information perception and other key points, standardizes the basic mode and basic performance by target, post and project, tailor parameter standards, and implement construction and reform step by step; By coordinating manufacturers to open technical ports, breaking technical barriers, optimizing backbone stationary points for guidance, and building parameter standards by objectives, posts and projects, the problems of equipment port disunity and system incompatibility are solved.
    Walking into the Shizuishan detachment, a sense of intelligence and innovation came to our face. Shizuishan prison aims to achieve the prevention and control goal of "no dead corner, three-dimensional and full coverage", including underground pipeline network management control, ground wall man-machine control, high key eagle eye monitoring and target airspace UAV patrol control, forming a three-dimensional prevention and control situation combining high, medium and low levels, It is an innovative exploration for the detachment and the target units to jointly build a three-dimensional, multi-dimensional, global and efficient security comprehensive prevention and control system.
    Weaving a net, synthesizing a picture, sharing a library, opening up a chain... Adhering to the principle of high efficiency "use", this team has built a security barrier of scientific and technological support in the process of innovation and development. They insisted on integrating the command information system based on image map with the construction of "smart rock" project, collecting the information of "five resource pools", docking with various intelligent information systems such as "Skynet project" and mobile big data platform, completing 3D image map modeling and fine modeling of task area, key target and duty target, and highlighting integrated control and integrated operation, In order to realize the full monitoring of duty elements, the full sharing of information, the full control of guns and ammunition, the full supervision of order and the full linkage of situation disposal, the duty forces optimized by the combination of prisons and strong service by science and technology were incorporated into the emergency class, and the maximum efficiency of military use was achieved.


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