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Video selection of optical transceiver

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    Optical transceiver is also the transmission equipment of optical signal. The technology of foreign optical transceiver is mature, but the price is expensive. Although the technology of domestic optical transceiver is not so mature, it is enough to deal with the internal one, and the price is not expensive. So what is the video selection of optical transceiver?
    How to choose the right video optical transceiver is in front of you. Here, I would like to share my years of industry experience with readers who are interested in the selection and application of video optical transceiver. Precautions for optical transceiver purchase: from the signal sent to the optical fiber, optical transceiver can be divided into analog optical transceiver based on analog technology and digital optical transceiver based on digital technology. The principle of analog optical transceiver is nothing more than modulation and demodulation, filtering and signal mixing. Whether it is led or LD, its photoelectric modulation characteristics are not linear. In the process of signal transmission, it is inevitable to appear distortion, interference and other inevitable problems in analog processing, and there are technical difficulties in large capacity transmission and multi service hybrid transmission.
    The situation of digital optical transceiver is different. There are only two states of "light" and "no light" in the optical fiber, so the linear requirement of the light source is not high or almost no requirement, so as to avoid the loss of signal in the process of processing. In addition, digital optical terminal is easy to realize multi-channel and multi signal mixed transmission. Because they are only converted into digital signals, it is easy to realize multi-channel and multi signal transmission with the help of TDM (time division multiplexing) technology. Existing optical terminal manufacturers can transmit 10 channels of uncompressed real-time video images in one wavelength channel at a time.
    Optical fiber network topology, optical fiber network topology determines the type of video optical terminal. According to the topology of optical fiber transmission network, in addition to the traditional point-to-point transmission optical terminals, there are node type and ring type optical terminals to choose from. The node video optical terminal consists of the front-end nodes into a chain network or a tree network. At each node, the node receives the signal, converts it into an electrical signal, and then exchanges and multiplexes the signal with the local node. After the photoelectric conversion, it is multiplexed to an optical fiber by WDM technology. There is no a / D conversion in each node, which reduces the signal attenuation.
The transmission speed of optical transceiver is fast, the screen is clear, it can be used in all kinds of outdoor, the performance is very wide, widely used in industry.


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