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XLR Stereo Audio to E1 Codec

Broadcast Grade E1 To AES/EBU Audio Codec

E1 audio codec is designed using digital processing chip and large-scale FPGA digital codec conversion and clock recovery technology and audio interface XLR (XLR socket). Applicable to equipment for broadcasting program source transmission. The audio encoder converts the input stereo audio signal or AES/EBU digital audio signal through A/D digital codec conversion or data format conversion and then re-frames to form a serial data stream which is output through the E1 port. The audio decoder will accept E1 serial data recover the audio signal after clock recovery and deframing and output stereo audio or AES digital audio.
◆ The whole machine is single-board design IP40 protection grade all aluminum alloy anodizing process;
◆ Using FPGA digital codec and clock recovery technology high integration and high stability;
◆ Audio interface is XLR XLR balanced interface audio power supply is high-power toroidal transformer +-18V power supply high dynamic range;
◆ AES/EBU sampling frequency is 48K;
◆ Using advanced digital processing clock recovery digital codec chips its performance indicators are better;
◆ The panel has LED lights to indicate the working status of E1 digital audio and stereo signals in real time;
◆ Use SDH PDH microwave 2M channels to realize point-to-point transmission of audio signal sources;
◆ With E1 interface distributor it can realize one-transmit and multiple-receive broadcast transmission audio signal source;
◆ It is suitable for the networking of provinces cities counties and townships to achieve ultra-long distance transmission of audio signal sources;
◆ The E1 interface complies with G.703 recommendation adopts fully digital clock recovery and smooth phase lock technology;
◆ Three-level lightning protection for audio interface reaching IEC61000-4-5 (8/20μS) differential mode: 6KV impedance (2Ω); common mode: 6KV impedance (2Ω) standards;
◆ Multiple power supply modes are available: AC220V DC-48V/DC24V etc.
E1 interface
Device interface: The device interface complies with G.703 recommendation
Speed: 2048Kb/s±50ppm
Code type: HDB3
Impedance: Unbalanced 75Ω/balanced 120Ω (unbalanced with coaxial interface adapter can be adapted to 75-2/3 coaxial cable)
Jitter characteristics: Meet G.742 G.823 recommendations
Allowable attenuation of the input port: 0~6dBm;
AES audio interface
Input and output interface: XLR (XLR)
Input and output impedance: balanced 0dBm/110Ω
Sampling frequency: 48KHz 32KHz
Signal level: 2-7V (pp)
AES transmission distance: 250m
Electrical and mechanical characteristics
System power supply: AC180V ~260V; DC -48V; DC +24V
Power consumption: ≤5W
Appearance structure: (L×W×H) 485*200*45mm rack type
Environmental indicators
Working temperature: -10℃—+60℃
Storage temperature: -40℃—+85℃
Working humidity: 0%—95% (no condensation)
MTBF: >100000 hours