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USB Fiber Modem

Compatible USB 3.0/USB2.0 Fiber Modem

This series of USB3.0 optical terminal consists of transmitter and receiver. The USB interface (USB2.0) of the host is extended to the far end through single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber and expanded to four USB ports. The maximum transmission distance is 80km (single-mode fiber). It supports 3.0 types of high-speed cameras hard drives printers scanners audio devices touch screens game controllers and other devices and does not support usb2.0/usb 1.1 downward. The products can be used in many fields like: video conference multimedia information release government departments medical system commercial exhibition multimedia function hall security monitoring public utilities and so on.
◆ It is compatible with USB3.0 protocol and supports USB camera printer USB disk scanner touch screen and other devices;
◆ Speed: 5Gbps / s no delay ,don’t support USB2.0/USB 1.1;
◆ Transmission distance (multi-mode): 0-300m,single mode is 0-80KM;
◆ The optical fiber is extended to the far end to be 4 USB ports with the maximum total current of 2000mA;
◆ Transmission characteristics: USB3.0 real-time transmission;
◆ Four USB 3.0 interfaces can be connected to USB hub extension;
◆ Low RF / EMI suitable for sensitive electromagnetic environment applications;
◆ Optical fiber transmission no need to drive compatible with any system it can work as long as you plug in power;
◆ Optical power supply:AC220V、DC-48V/DC24V.
Fiber port:1
single core/ dual core
Wavelength:850nm/1310 for multi mode;1310nm/1550nm(single mode)
Transmission distance: 0~80Km(normally 0-10KM)
Typical output power: 
Single mode 1310/1550nm:≥-9dBm
Multi mode 850nm:-18dBm
Multi-mode 1310nm: -25dBm
Receiver Sensitivity:-28dBm~- 40dBm
Standard: USB3.0
USB3.0 input:1*USB3.0 A type female plug
USB3.0 output:3*USB3.0 A type female plug
Total current: Max 2000mA
Working environment                    
Operating temperature:-10℃—+60℃
Storage temperature:-40℃—+85℃
Storage humidity:0%—95%(non-condensing)
MTBF:>100000 hours
Compatible USB 3.0/USB2.0 Fiber Modem
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