Daily use and maintenance of optical multiplexer

Time : Feb. 25, 2022    View : 110

    The optical transceiver is mainly used for transmitting and receiving of different types, and it is a commonly used device at present. Since the installation position of optical transmitter follows the front-end video acquisition equipment, the installation position is relatively scattered, and it needs to be equipped with an independent chassis to supply power. In terms of power supply mode, if the chassis power supply is used as the front-end transmitter, it will occupy a lot of space in the computer room and appear disorderly and unable to be managed in a unified way.
    Usually, the working environment of the optical transceiver is very bad, so it is necessary to keep the optical fiber head clean when using. The optical transceiver is very sensitive to dust. During the transportation of the optical transceiver or after the customer has used the optical transceiver for a period of time, dust or debris may appear at the optical fiber port, causing blockage, thus affecting the normal transmission of video and data. At this time, industrial anhydrous alcohol and dust-free paper can be used to clean the optical fiber head to avoid dust adhesion.

    The optical fiber jumper inside the optical transceiver is connected with the external optical fiber through an adapter. Usually, the adapter is a ceramic tube core. Special attention should be paid when plugging in and out the optical fiber head. Do not use improper force to prevent the ceramic sleeve from cracking or crushing, which will cause the optical transceiver unable to transmit signals normally. It should be noted that the laser module and photoelectric conversion module of the optical transceiver should avoid the impact of instantaneous pulse current, so it is not suitable to turn on and off frequently.