Detailed explanation of daily maintenance of network switches

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A network switch is a network device used for electrical (optical) signal forwarding, which can provide an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes connected to the switch. The most common switches are Ethernet switches. Other common ones are telephone voice switches, fiber switches and so on. So, do you know anything about the daily maintenance of the switch? Let’s take a look together next!


Daily maintenance of switches

     1.Daily environmental maintenance

        The switch has relatively high requirements on the temperature and environment of the equipment room. The number of users is large, the energy consumption is also high, and the heat emitted is quite large, so the switch needs to operate in a constant temperature and clean environment. If the temperature in the computer room is high, the machine will have difficulty in dissipating heat, resulting in changes in the parameters of the switch components, and in severe cases, equipment damage will occur; and if the computer room is too dry, static electricity will occur, threatening the safety of the switch.


        According to the regulations, the temperature and humidity of the computer room need to be strictly measured with a thermometer. If necessary, air conditioners, humidifiers and other facilities and equipment can be installed to adjust the temperature and humidity, and fire prevention and dustproof measures must be taken.


     2.Software and hardware maintenance

        Professional switch maintenance personnel go to work every day to check the functions of software and hardware, record the ambient temperature and humidity of the equipment room, and check whether the input voltage and output voltage, current, frequency and other indications are within the normal operating range. , Test whether the signals of various audio sources are normal, check whether the spare parts, spare parts, tools and instruments are complete, fully understand the working conditions of each system, and make records and inspections. Periodically perform comprehensive antivirus work on servers and maintenance terminals to ensure the safe operation of each server.


     3.Preventive maintenance

       Preventive maintenance is to collect all kinds of data required by the switch through the methods and means of inspection, measurement, and random inspection of the switch, and professionally classify and analyze the data, so as to propose specific methods and measures for the switch to eliminate hidden dangers. The usual maintenance of the switch needs to be based on preventive maintenance, and prevent problems before they occur.


       It is required that professional switch operators should use the terminal strictly in accordance with the operation manual, first start from the system software configuration or check in the system software, avoid executing wrong commands in daily work, and strictly check whether the I/O devices are in normal condition. Status, especially do a good job of checking the floppy disk drive, and modify the wrong data in time. The software tapes brought along with the switch equipment must be properly kept. If the switch system is paralyzed, it can be re-installed and used. In daily work, professional maintenance personnel are good at discovering potential failures of equipment, finding out the main reasons that may induce failures, and eliminating hidden dangers.


        4.The maintenance system of the computer room

       In order to ensure the scientific and institutionalized management of the switch room, formulate various rules and regulations, duty system, spare parts management system for the computer room, do a good job of recording the original data, and keep the computer room clean and hygienic; also do a good job of security and confidentiality. . The maintenance authority of switch operators should be set reasonably and effectively to avoid system failures caused by human factors. For the deletion and modification of switch data, the data must be backed up first, so as not to lose the original data and bring inconvenience to the daily data recording work of the switch.


     5.Failure maintenance

       The switch needs professional care and maintenance, and often wipes the dust to prevent the dust layer from entering the switch, resulting in a short circuit and system failure. It is not allowed to replace circuit boards and components for no reason, let alone dismantle the switch without permission.

If the indicator light of the switch is on, it means that the switch is faulty. You should cut off the power supply, stop using it, and hand it over to a professional for maintenance.