Detailed explanation of program-controlled switch management and maintenance precautions

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Program-controlled switch, usually refers to the switching equipment used in the telephone exchange network, it uses computer programs to control the connection of telephones, and is a telephone exchange that uses modern computer technology to complete control, connection and other work. So, what matters need to be paid attention to in the management and maintenance of program-controlled switches? Let’s take a look together next!


  1. Aspects that need to be paid attention to on the hardware

       (1) Computer room temperature and environment: Program-controlled switches have higher requirements on the temperature and environment of the computer room. The greater the number of users, the greater the energy consumption and the greater the heat emitted, so it needs to operate in a constant temperature and clean environment. The temperature of the computer room should be kept at about 20℃. If the temperature is too high, it will cause difficulty in cooling the machine, change the component parameters of the machine, reduce the stability of the circuit, and even damage the equipment in severe cases. Pay attention to the temperature and maintain a certain humidity in the equipment room. If the equipment room is too humid, it will cause the metal parts of the machine to rust, corrode the equipment, and even cause the line insulation to be reduced and the circuit to be short-circuited. If the equipment room is too dry, it is easy to generate static electricity, which directly threatens the safety of the switch. According to regulations, the humidity of the computer room should be maintained at 40% to 60%. Temperature and humidity can be monitored by thermometers, etc., and if necessary, air conditioners, humidifiers or dehumidifiers can be installed to adjust. In addition, the computer room also requires fire prevention and dustproof measures, and the cable pipes should be carefully blocked after construction to prevent small animals from entering.


       (2) Anti-static measures: The circuit of the program-controlled switch adopts large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits to operate. The higher the degree of integration, the lower the level of withstand voltage and shock resistance. The voltage generated by static electricity is sometimes as high as tens, hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of volts. Such a high electrostatic voltage is enough to destroy or damage the chip, so the electrostatic effect is a great threat to the program-controlled switch. Therefore, the floor of the computer room is required to be laid with anti-static floors. The maintenance personnel should change anti-static slippers when entering the computer room to work, and wear anti-static gloves when touching equipment and plugging and unplugging circuit boards. When working in the computer room, it is not advisable to walk back and forth repeatedly to prevent static electricity from friction.


       (3) Grounding facilities: It is generally believed that the anti-interference ability of digital communication is strong, but for program-controlled switches, the quality of the grounding facilities will directly affect the operation quality of the equipment. It is possible to make logical errors in the digital circuit operations of the switch. In actual work, the signal grounding, power grounding, protective grounding, and working grounding of the switch are required to meet the standards. At the same time, reducing the grounding resistance, thickening the grounding wire, and standardizing the grounding are all effective means for the stable operation of the machine.


       (4) Electromagnetic environment: The pollution of the electromagnetic environment is very serious. High-power radio stations are not allowed to be installed in and near the program-controlled computer room to prevent electromagnetic radiation from affecting the normal operation of the switch. In the equipment room, the various cables of the switch and the AC power line of the mains should be kept as far away as possible, and cannot be laid side by side for a long distance, so as to avoid electromagnetic coupling or RC coupling interference. When necessary, various types of cables should cross each other.

Precautions for management and maintenance of program-controlled switches

  1. A few points that need to be done in software management

       (1) Pay close attention to the running status of the machine and discover various alarm information in time.

       (2) Always check whether the operation and maintenance terminal, billing system, attendant console, printer, etc. are in normal working condition.

       (3) Whether the various types of spare circuit boards are in good condition.

       (4) After major operations, the data of the switch database shall be copied and printed in time, and shall be carefully kept in accordance with the regulations for emergency use.

       (5) Regularly check the lightning protection devices on the audio distribution frame to ensure that the arrangement is effective. Prevent damage to the machine due to the introduction of AC power from outside lines due to line failures.