Detailed introduction of serial fiber modem

Time : Aug. 25, 2022    View : 81

The serial fiber modem is a photoelectric converter that can convert 232/485/422 serial port signals to optical fibers for transmission, commonly known as serial fiber optic transceivers. So, how much do you know about the serial fiber modem? Next, we will introduce the serial fiber optic modem in detail from the product features, technical parameters and application fields of the serial fiber optic modem. If you are interested, let’s take a look!

Serial fiber modem introduction:
The serial fiber modem can realize two-way transparent transmission of data between optical fiber and RS-232/485/422 serial port. Due to the long distance of optical fiber transmission (multi-mode 2KM, single-mode up to 20, 40, 60KM) and strong anti-interference ability, it is the best choice for long-distance transmission connecting remote terminal units to the host and distributed centralized control system. With strong anti-interference ability, it can effectively avoid the damage of industrial data communication equipment and the interference of communication lines such as lightning strike, surge and electromagnetic interference, and ensure the stability of the communication system.

Serial fiber modem features:
Support point-to-point and ring (point-to-multipoint) connection mode, support RS-232/485/422 interface, support multiple asynchronous communication protocols of RS-232485/422, support two-wire half-duplex (RS-485) four-wire full-duplex Industrial communication mode (RS-422) Optical fiber interface ST, SC, FC optional (to be customized), optical fiber communication distance multi-mode 2KM, single-mode up to 20KM, 40KM, 60KM, data communication rate up to 120Kbps.​​

Serial fiber modem technical parameters:
Interface features: serial port conforms to EIARS-232/485 protocol
Transmission medium: single-mode/multi-mode (optical fiber), shielded twisted pair (serial port)
Electrical interface: DB9 (RS-232 serial port) industrial terminal block (RS-485/422 serial port)
Working mode: asynchronous work, point-to-point or multi-point, 2-wire half-duplex, 4-wire full-duplex
Lightning protection: 600W TVS lightning protection tube surge protection (RS-485/422 serial port)
Transmission rate: 300bps—115200bps
Appearance size: 100L*69W*22H mm
Use environment: temperature: -20℃-60℃, humidity: 5%-95%
Transmission distance: multi-mode 2KM, single-mode 20KM (40KM, 60KM need to be customized)
Optical fiber interface: ST, SC, FC interface optional.

Serial fiber modem application field:
Industrial field control, traffic control, distributed data acquisition system, remote terminal data communication, communication distance expansion, power system data acquisition and control system, highway toll collection system, etc.