Features and technical parameters of 8E1 PDH multiplexer

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8E1 PDH multiplexer adopts a large-scale integrated circuit with independent intellectual property rights. It applies time division multiplexing technology to mix and encode E1 signals and transmit them on a pair of optical fibers. Products with this chip are designed with a single board, with high integration, small size, low power consumption, reliable operation, and easy installation and use. Next, we will introduce the main features and technical parameters of the pdh multiplexer in detail, let’s take a look!


1. Main functions and features

①Provide 8 E1 service ports, all-digital clock recovery, and smooth phase locking technology

Provide RS232 network management interface, support unified network management;

Provide RS485 network management cascade interface, multiple devices can be managed through the same terminal network

②Dual power supply, mutual hot backup, optional AC220V, DC 48V, etc.

③Provide complete local/peer alarm monitoring, three-color indicator light

④Support local/remote E1 tributary loopback

⑤Provide one-way business phone

⑥Provide transparent RS232 data channel, the rate is 300-19.2Kbit/s adaptive

2. Parameters and technical indicators

2.1 Optical interface

①Wavelength: 1310nm (standard model)

②Luminous power: ≥-12dBm

③Receiving sensitivity: ≤-37dBm (BER≤10-11)

④Interface: FC

2.2 E1 interface

①The device has 8 E1 interfaces, in line with G.703 recommendations

②Rate: 2048Kbps ±50ppm

Code type: HDB3

Impedance: 75Ω (unbalanced) or 120Ω (balanced)

Jitter: Comply with G.742 G.823 recommendations

③Input port allowable attenuation: 0~6dB

④E1 connector: DB37

2.3 Ethernet interface

           Interface rate: 10/100 adaptive

Interface protocol: IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3U, IEEE802.1d, IEEE802.1Q

Physical interface: RJ45

2.4 RS232 interface

①8E1 PDH optical transceiver provides a 2-way RS232 interface, the interface definition is as follows:

1 channel RS232 for a network management system, the rate is 9600bit/s, DCE mode

1 channel RS232 for users to use, the rate is 300–19.2Kbit/s adaptive, DCE mode

②2-way RS232 shares a DB9 connector

2.5 RS485 interface

①Used for cascade network management can supervise 32 devices at the same time

②Interface mode: 2-way RJ45 interface is used for uplink cascade and downlink cascade respectively

③Rate: 9600bit/s

2.6 Business Phone

①Four-wire handset phone (RJ11 interface)

②Does not occupy the E1 channel

2.7 Power

①The equipment can be powered by dual power supplies and are hot backup for each other.

AC 220V: 220V AC input

DC 48V: 48V DC input

②The power consumption of the whole machine is less than 10W

2.8 Working Environment

①Working temperature: 0~45℃

②Relative humidity: ≤95% (at 25℃)

③Atmospheric pressure: 70~106Kpa

2.9 Dimensions and weight

Dimensions: 438mm (width) × 150mm (depth) × 44mm (height)

8e1 pdh multiplexer can mix and encode E1 signals and transmit them on a pair of optical fibers