Five advantages of industrial switches

Time : Jul. 11, 2022    View : 64

Today, with the development of science and technology, industrial switches have emerged and replaced the position of ordinary switches. Why did industrial switches attract many people once they came out? Because it has five advantages, the editor of Hangzhou Feichang Technology will share with you the five advantages of industrial switches.

What are the advantages of industrial switches


   ①Industrial switches have strong anti-interference functions, such as high protection levels in lightning protection, waterproofing, anti-corrosion, and anti-static, but commercial switches do not have these functions.


   ②Industrial switches have high requirements on product components and can withstand the test of harsh environments, so they can better adapt to industrial environments.


    ③Industrial switches use industrial-grade solutions from the shell to the components, so the reliability of the product is higher, and the use failure is longer, generally more than 10 years, and the service life of ordinary commercial switches is roughly 3-5 years.


    ④Industrial switches generally use metal shells, which have better heat dissipation and stronger protection. They can basically work normally within the temperature range of -45~+75°C, and can adapt to complex temperature and humidity, but the working range of commercial switches is relatively speaking. narrower.


    ⑤Industrial switches generally have the functions of fast ring network and redundancy, and the redundancy time is less than 20ms. Although commercial products can also form redundant networks, the recovery time is more than 10-30s, which is too long and is not suitable for industrial environments.


    The above are the advantages of industrial switches in five aspects, so the market is very broad and attracts more users. If you are interested in our industrial switch products, you can leave a message on the official website or contact us by phone.