How to choose a good serial port server?

Time : Dec. 02, 2022    View : 43

As the automation industry is slowly moving towards Ethernet control, connecting traditional serial devices to the Internet has become difficult. A good serial server can turn the challenge into an easy job. The following will introduce how to choose a good serial port for your servers that make your work easier, not more.

serial server

1. Friendly management interface

   These large numbers of serial devices may be scattered in different remotes, so it is an important indicator that all settings can be completed through a single interface, whether it is Windows software, Web, or Telnet. Henrich provides powerful management software, allowing serial devices in different locations to be done in one step with the Group IP/Setup Wizard.


2. High performance and low latency

   In some traditional serial port transmission applications, 115.2Kbps is enough, but if you want to convert to 100M Ethernet communication, a serial port speed higher than 230.4kbps will be more guaranteed. Henrich breaks through the industry serial port speed standard, up to 460.8kbps serial port The speed and throughput of 45600byte/s, and the delay of less than 10ms will keep your application from being interrupted.


3. Serial port performance (among them)

The serial port baud rate generally has a standard serial port baud rate, such as 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 38400, 115200, etc., but some customers also use some special baud rates, which need to be entered by themselves. It needs to support arbitrary setting of baud rate; check digits include None, Odd, Even, Mark, and Space, and some serial servers do not support the latter two, which may cause it to be unusable on some occasions.


4. Environmental tolerance

The operating temperature range of the serial server is roughly divided into industrial grade and commercial grade. The industrial grade temperature range is -40~85°C, and the commercial grade is generally 0-70°C. When the environment is relatively harsh, such as the outdoor environment in cold areas, and the Gobi Desert, the closed hot environment may exceed the temperature range that the serial server can withstand after long-term work. At this time, the serial server has an industrial-grade operating temperature, the range will be more reliably guaranteed.