How to find customers for telephone optical multiplexers

Time : Jul. 25, 2022    View : 53

With the progress of society, telephone optical multiplexers have also been developed, but telephone optical multiplexers are generally used by engineering companies. Many people choose telephone optical multiplexers customers, that is, to find these engineering companies. So how to find customers of telephone optical multiplexers? Here are a few things to share with you.


    Others, as sales are very important for the positioning of target customers. Of course, we should know that customers are big and small, just like fish in the sea; our sales staff are looking for customers in the process of looking for big fish in the sea. Fish, when I was just doing sales, my mentor said: generally spread the net, and concentrate the harvest. Then, know where there are more fish, know where there are more customers, and focus on finding customers there.


    Of course, the confidence of our salespeople increases when a big client is found. And more importantly, analyze what type of customers these customers are. Let’s say customers are distributors, traders, wholesalers, etc. The best way, we develop a company’s agent locally. In this way, you save yourself the time and energy of struggling to find customers one by one.


    In fact, the customer is like a puzzle; it is like a Rubik’s cube with one ring on the other. We can only succeed if we take the first step right. When a dealer is developed, a similar method is used to develop the same type of customers in a large area.


    Sometimes, when our client resources are sufficient. Salespeople should forget to make friends. Maybe a word from a friend can help you open the bottleneck of sales. In an industry, to know more friends, the road will naturally be smoother if there are more friends.