How to purchase a voice multiplexer

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  At present, voice multiplexers are mainly used by private network users such as electric power, water conservancy, public security, police, army, coal mine, petroleum, and large enterprises; and it’s also widely used in telecommunications. Because of other unique performance and application fields, the process flow and product parameters are more complicated for the voice multiplexer. How to purchase a suitable voice multiplexer for their own projects has become a key concern for many people.

  One thing worth paying attention to is the price of the voice multiplexer. In fact, sometimes the price of the voice multiplexer cannot decide anything, because it is the right choice for you!

  Every manufacturer should provide users and engineering companies with mature products, not scientific research prototypes, so it must have practical considerations. When choosing a voice multiplexer, users and engineers can consider more from the practicality of the equipment. First, it is easy for users and engineers to judge the practical problems; second, it is difficult to believe that manufacturers who cannot do a good job in practicality can do a good job in the reliability and technical indicators of voice multiplexers. Here we focus on briefly discussing the practicability of the voice mux from the following angles.

how to purchase a voice mux which is also named telephone to fiber optic converter

1. Generous appearance and reasonable structure

  The voice multiplexer has high technical content, and its appearance should be small and exquisite, beautiful and generous, and the overall structure must meet the engineering installation requirements as much as possible. In addition to using a 19-inch cabinet, the general voice multiplexer should also be able to take into account the need of placing the optical transceiver on the desktop or wall in the project. In addition, the voice multiplexer must also have good heat dissipation performance and electrical contact performance.


2. Rich interfaces and reasonable layout

  voice multiplexers require as many data interfaces as possible, or may require the expansion of other feature-rich interfaces in the future, such as high-fidelity audio interfaces, telephone interfaces, asynchronous data interfaces, Ethernet interfaces, and switching interfaces, etc., which requires the choice of voice multiplexers It must have the ability to upgrade the system, so as not to completely replace the equipment due to network upgrade or system function change, so as to protect the user’s initial investment.

  In addition to the variety and quantity of interfaces, voice multiplexers also require a convenient power supply and a wide power supply range. The power supply is the primary consideration factor to ensure the reliability of digital video optical transceivers. The power supply cannot be guaranteed to be reliable and reasonable. Talking about the reliability of digital video optical transceivers has become a moon in the water. Strong adaptability to temperature and humidity. There are also grounding considerations, port protection, and more.


3. The meaning of the indicator light is clear

  In order to facilitate the opening and maintenance of the project, the voice multiplexer should be marked with clear indicator light. In addition to the power indicator, all voice multiplexers need to have indicators such as link input and output indicators, peer device status indicators, and all “1” codes. Engineers and users can, according to the instructions of the video indicator lights, judge the opening and maintenance situation, locate the fault point, and solve the possible problems as soon as possible during the project opening stage and the project maintenance stage.


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