Overview and Detailed Product Features Of 4 Channels Telephone Optical Converter

Time : Aug. 24, 2022    View : 65

The 4 channels telephone optical transceiver adopts the structure design of the desktop chassis, and provides 4 channels ordinary telephone interface with the function of caller ID. So, do you know about the function, application and product features of the 4 channels telephone optical transceiver.


       4 channels telephone optical converter overview


       The 4 channels telephone optical converter provides 4-channel ordinary telephone interfaces with caller display function through 1-channel dual-fiber (single-fiber) optical channel transmission and 1 group of shared 100M Ethernet channels, and 1 group of Ethernet interfaces can be arbitrarily divided into VLANs.


       The 4 channels telephone optical transceiver extends the voice and data services to each user area to replace the remote small office, realize out-of-bounds number assignment, and relieve the role of the exchange office; The service scope of the exchange office is enlarged. The device can be widely used in public telephone network access and dedicated line information transmission in telecommunications data services, electric power, banks, public security, troops, schools, highways and other departments.


       4 channels telephone optical transceiver product features


  1. Adopt desktop chassis structure design, high integration and small size;
  2. 1-way dual-fiber (single-fiber) optical channel;
  3. 4-way ordinary telephone interface providing caller ID function;
  4. One group shares 100M Ethernet channel, and one group of Ethernet interfaces can be arbitrarily divided into VLANs;
  5. Has a complete alarm indication function.