Serial server communication modes

Time : Oct. 12, 2022    View : 89

Serial server, a convenient and fast communication interface converter with powerful functions for data conversion between RS-232/485/422 to TCP/IP. As a server, the serial port server provides two-way transparent data transmission between the RS-232/485/422 terminal serial port and the TCP/IP network and provides the serial port to network function and RS-232/485/422 to network solution. Next, I will introduce the communication mode of the serial port server in detail for you, let’s take a look!

The serial server which is also named serial to ethernet converter is used for data conversion between RS232/485/422 to TCP/IP.

       There are 3 communication modes of the serial server:


       1. Point-to-point communication mode:

       In this mode, servers need to be used in pairs. One of them serves as the server and the other serves as the client. We can establish a connection between the two to achieve two-way transparent transmission of data. This point-to-point communication mode is suitable for transforming the bus connection between two serial devices into a TCP/IP network connection.


      2. Use virtual serial communication mode

       In this mode, one or more servers can establish a connection with a computer to realize two-way transparent transmission of data. On the computer, the virtual serial port software on the computer manages the following converters, which can be realized. One virtual serial port corresponds to multiple converters, and N virtual serial ports correspond to M converters (N is less than or equal to M). This mode is suitable for 485 bus or 322 devices connected with a serial device controlled by a computer. Undoubtedly, it reflects its operating efficiency again, realizing the factorial of the transmission rate.


     3. Based on the network communication mode

      In this mode, the application program of the computer has written a communication program based on the SOCKET protocol, and you can directly choose to support the SOCKET protocol on the converter.


       Through the introduction of the serial port server communication mode, we can see the transmission diversity and high efficiency of the serial port server, which realizes the connection of a multi-node network. Not only that, but the serial server also makes the transmission distance between devices exceed 1.2 kilometers. As a communication interface server that completes data conversion, the serial server is exerting its greatest value to benefit mankind.