The difference between fiber multiplexer and fiber media converter

Time : Feb. 25, 2022    View : 233

    Fiber multiplexer is a common signal receiving and receiving equipment. Many people will confuse it with traditional optical fiber transceivers, but there are still great differences. Let’s analyze it.
Optical terminal machine is divided into transmitter and receiver.           Transmitter converts electrical signal into optical signal. Receiver converts transmitted optical signal into electrical signal and transmits it to next level equipment. Fiber optic transceiver is an Ethernet transmission media conversion unit which exchanges short-distance twisted pair electrical signals with long-distance optical signals.

    The same thing between optical multiplexer and optical transceiver is that optical fiber transceiver only performs photoelectric conversion, does not change coding and data processing, and is mainly used in bank, education and other networking. Besides the photoelectric conversion, optica mulitiplexer also processes data signals, which is mainly used in the fields of security monitoring, remote education, video conference and so on.