The use, maintenance and maintenance methods of video optical transceivers

Time : Aug. 02, 2022    View : 70

Nowadays, in security monitoring engineering projects, video communication has been widely used, in which video optical transceivers can be said to play a very important role, and video optical transceivers are more and more widely used in security engineering projects. So, how should we use, maintain and maintain the video optical transceiver in the engineering project? Let’s take a look together next!

Video optical transceiver use, maintenance and maintenance


     (1) When using the video optical transceiver, it is necessary to ensure continuous and normal power supply.

       The laser component and photoelectric conversion module of the video optical transceiver should avoid the impact of instantaneous pulse current, so it should not be switched on and off frequently. UPS power supply should be configured in the central front-end computer room and 1550nm optical transmitter optical amplifier set point where the optical transceivers are concentrated to protect the laser components and prevent the photoelectric conversion module from being damaged by high pulse current.


     (2) A well-ventilated, heat-dissipating, moisture-proof and tidy working environment should be maintained during the use of the video optical transceiver.

       The laser component of the optical transmitter is the heart of the equipment and has high requirements on working conditions. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the manufacturer has set up a cooling and heat exhaust system in the equipment, but when the ambient temperature exceeds the allowable range, the equipment cannot be Therefore, in the hot season, when there are many heating devices in the central computer room and the ventilation and heat dissipation conditions are poor, it is best to install an air-conditioning system to ensure the normal operation of the optical transceiver.

The working diameter of the fiber core is in the micron level, and the fine dust entering the active interface of the pigtail will block the propagation of the optical signal, causing the optical power to drop significantly and the system signal-to-noise ratio. The failure rate of this type is about 50%, so the equipment room Cleanliness is also important.


     (3) The operation monitoring and recording should be performed during the use of the video optical transceiver

       The video optical transceiver is equipped with a microprocessor to monitor various working parameters of the internal working status acquisition module of the system, and visually display it through the LED and VFD display system. In order to remind the check-in personnel in time, a sound and light alarm system is set in the optical transmitter. , the maintenance personnel can ensure the normal operation of the system as long as the maintenance personnel determine the cause of the failure according to the operating parameters and deal with it in time.