Three problems to avoid when choosing a video multiplexer

Time : Oct. 10, 2022    View : 83

At present, there are many types of video multiplexers on the market, but the quality of each manufacturer varies. There are many difficulties in purchasing a video multiplexer, so how to choose a high-quality video multiplexer? The stability of the video multiplexer, the convenience of operation, and the practicality of the function are the important factors and core criteria for choosing the video multiplexer. Next, let’s talk about 3 problems when some people buy a video multiplexer.

how to choose a video multiplexer and 3g sdi to fiber optic converter


       1. The more expensive the better, or the cheaper the better

Products with good value for money are the best products. Expensive products may be because they are not produced in high volumes, or because the advertising costs are too high, not necessarily because the product is of high value. For low-priced products, video multiplexer manufacturers may also pursue low-cost unilaterally, reduce investment in protection facilities or choose inferior and second-hand chips. Therefore, the project contractor must carefully evaluate the cost of the product.


       2. The more powerful the function, the better the effect

Many China video multiplexer manufacturers advertise the powerful functions of their products and exaggerate the functions of the video multiplexer. In fact, the stability and practicality of the video multiplexer are the most important. We recommend blocking powerful extensions so that they are only provided by customers to meet their needs. Customers are not advised to use some unused features. This reduces training and maintenance costs, and customers can use them however they want.


       3. Imported video multiplexers are better than local ones

The stability and practicability of imported video multiplexers are very good. However, the price is high, and due to geographical differences, the service cannot be provided in a timely manner, and the service cost is high. At the same time, due to differences in cultural backgrounds, there are also differences in national conditions. Many functions are simply not suitable for national conditions and engineering needs. In the past two decades, a large number of manufacturers engaged in the production of video multiplexers have emerged. After so many years of development, many of them have mastered the production technology and research and development capabilities of video multiplexers. In terms of functional stability and practicability, it can be compared with local products.