Three ways to troubleshoot industrial switches

Time : Aug. 16, 2022    View : 66

Industrial switches are used in many enterprises, and there are often some problems in the use of industrial switches. So what are the methods for troubleshooting industrial switches in daily life? Let’s find out together.


  1. Exclusion


    When we face the failure phenomenon and analyze the problem, we have inadvertently learned to use the elimination method to determine the direction of the failure. This method refers to enumerating all possible faults as comprehensively as possible based on the observed fault phenomena, and then analyzing and eliminating them one by one. When excluding, follow the principle from simple to complex to improve efficiency. Various faults can be dealt with using this method, but maintenance personnel need to have strong logical thinking and a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of switch knowledge.


  1. Contrast method


    The so-called comparison method is to use the existing Ethernet switches of the same model and can operate normally as a reference object to compare with the faulty switches to find out the fault point. This method is simple and effective, especially in the case of system configuration failures. You can find out the configuration differences by simply comparing, but sometimes it is not easy to find a switch with the same model and configuration.


  1. Substitution method


    The replacement method refers to the method of using normal Ethernet switch parts to replace the parts that may be faulty, so as to find the point of failure. It is mainly used for hardware fault diagnosis, but it should be noted that the replaced parts must be switches of the same brand and model of the same type.


    The above are the methods for troubleshooting industrial switches. These three methods are more practical and hope to help everyone.