What are Functions of a Network Switch?

Time : Nov. 16, 2022    View : 66

Nowadays, with the development of the communication industry and the advancement of the informatization of the economy, the network switch market has shown a steady upward trend. Ethernet technology has become the most important LAN networking technology today, and network switches have become the most popular. switch. So, what is the role of network switches? Let’s take a look!

industrial 8 ports ethernet switch

1. Connect to the same type of network

With the rapid development of network interconnection, network switching technology appears, and network switches emerge as the times require. A switch is a device that completes the information exchange function in a communication system.


With the expansion of the network scale, it is unrealistic to rely solely on the extension of the network. Moreover, for different local area networks, in order to realize mutual transmission of data and share network resources, special connection devices are required to realize network expansion. At the same time, the increase in the number of websites, the expansion of the geographical scope, and the expansion of the industry scale have prompted the rapid development of network interconnection.


2. Provide fast network services

Sometimes, in order to provide faster access speed, we can connect some important network computers directly to the switch port. In this way, critical servers and important users on the network can access faster and support a greater flow of information.


The main functions of the switch include physical addressing, network topology, error detection, frame sequence and flow control. The current switches also have some new functions, such as support for VLT (Virtual Local Area Network), support for link aggregation, and even firewall functions.


3. Interconnecting Different Types of Networks

In addition to being able to connect networks of the same type, switches also serve as an interconnection tool between different network types (eg, Ethernet and Fast Ethernet). Many switches now provide high-speed connection ports, such as Fast Ethernet or FSI, to connect other switches in the network, or to provide additional bandwidth for critical servers that consume a lot of bandwidth.


Well, the above content is many functions of network switches. If you need network switches, contact us plz.