What are the applications of fiber media converter?

Time : Aug. 22, 2022    View : 67

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, there are more and more types of fiber media converter, and there will be different classifications. So do you know what the application scope of fiber media converter is? The following editor will share with you the application scope of fiber media converter for your reference.

Fiber media converter applications:

In essence, the optical fiber media converter only completes the data conversion between different media, and can realize the connection between two switches or computers within 0-120Km, but the practical application has more expansion.

1. Realize the interconnection between switches.

2. Realize the interconnection between switches and computers.

3. Realize the interconnection between computers.

4. Transmission relay: When the actual transmission distance exceeds the nominal transmission distance of the media converter, especially when the actual transmission distance exceeds 120Km, if the site conditions permit, use 2 transceivers for back-to-back relay or use optical- It is a very cost-effective solution for relaying by media converter.

5. Single-multi-mode conversion: When a single-multi-mode fiber connection is required between networks, a single-multi-mode converter can be used for connection, which solves the problem of single-multi-mode fiber conversion.

6. Wavelength division multiplexing transmission: When the long-distance optical cable resources are insufficient, in order to improve the utilization rate of the optical cable and reduce the cost, the media converter and the wavelength division multiplexer can be used together, so that the two channels of information can be transmitted on the same pair of optical fibers.

The above is the application range of fiber media converter, so you can choose the fiber optic media converter that suits you according to your field of use.