What are the characteristics of HD-SDI video optical transceiver?

Time : Aug. 23, 2022    View : 66

The design and production of SDI video optical transceiver is a high-reliability and high-performance serial digital optical transmission equipment suitable for the TV industry. The signal format ranges from 19.4Mbps to 1.485Gbps. EN50083-9) and other digital TV formats, meet the requirements of industrial-grade products. So, what are the characteristics of SDI high-definition video optical transceiver?

Features of SDI video optical transceiver:
1. Compatible with SDI/ASI standard definition/HD digital video signals, the rate is 143-1485 Mbps;
2. Support 1 channel SDI/ASI input, 1 channel analog video output (in SDI mode);
3. Optical receiver supports 2 channels of SDI/ASI output and 1 channel of analog video output (in SDI mode);
4. Support RS232/422 network management control, with temperature display and ASI or SDI mode selection;
5. Support 1 RS232/422 bidirectional low-rate data control channel;
6. 3 kinds of equipment forms: independent box type (1 channel), 1U dual power supply rack type (3 channels light-emitting or optical receiving), 2U dual power supply rack type (10 light-emitting or optical receiving).