What is an industrial network switch

Time : Sep. 27, 2022    View : 202

We often come into contact with network switches in our work, so what is a switch? Switches are further divided into commercial switches, industrial switches, unmanaged POE switches and managed switches. Today, we mainly introduce the industrial grade switch.


       What is an industrial network switch:

       Industrial network switch, also known as industrial Ethernet switch, is objectively understood as an Ethernet switch device in the field of industrial control, because its software carrier is Ethernet (the main communication standard in the field of industrial control), a standard network, not only cheap , good openness, wide application, the key is that it uses well-known, TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the field of industrial control, making its application range extremely wide, the market demand for this product is relatively large . Industrial switches feature carrier-grade performance features to withstand harsh operating environments. The product series is rich and the port configuration is flexible, which can meet the needs of various industrial fields.


 Why are industrial network switches favored by manufacturers and customers:

       First of all, it has carrier-grade performance characteristics, conforms to various standards of the communication industry, and conforms to the design of anti-destructive and waterproof capabilities of the communication industry. The level of system requirements: large capacity, high stability, uninterrupted operation, reliability.


       Secondly, after years of development and research and development experiments by scientific researchers, in order to adapt the product to more different equipment and equipment with different technical parameters, the research and development personnel make the port of the product flexibly configured, which can not only meet the needs of various industrial fields but also Ports can be flexibly replaced when industrial equipment is upgraded or similar changes are made.


       Once again, the industrial switch adopts a wide temperature SSD (solid-state drive) design, with a working temperature range of (-40~85°C), which can withstand harsh working environments and must withstand extremely cold and high temperature working environments. Such as high latitude, Antarctic, Arctic harsh environment postgraduate work, the protection level is not lower than IP30, and supports standard and private ring network redundancy protocols.

industrial network switch is also known as industrial ethernet switch