What is the E1 PCM multiplexing equipment

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Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), the purpose of PCM multiplexing equipment is to make a trunk line between switches not only transmit a telephone signal. PCM multiplexing equipment is a device that multiplexes voice and data signals into 2M signals. To put it bluntly, it is a device that multiplexes low-rate signals such as 9.6kb/s, 16kb/s, and 64kb/s into 2M primary signals.


Pulse code modulation can provide users with a variety of services, not only can provide digital data line services from 2M to 155M, but also other services such as voice, image transmission, and distance learning. It is especially suitable for users who require a higher data transmission rate and higher bandwidth.

PCM multiplexing equipment is a device that multiplexes voice and data signals into 2M signals.

In the optical fiber communication equipment system, the optical fiber transmits the binary optical pulse “0” code and “1” code, which is modulated by the binary pulse code.


It is generated by on-off modulation of the light source by a digital signal. The digital signal is generated by sampling, quantizing, and encoding a continuously changing analog signal, which is called PCM (Pulse-code modulation), that is, pulse code modulation. This electrical digital signal is called a digital baseband signal and is generated by a PCM electrical terminal. The current digital transmission system adopts the pulse code modulation (Pulse-code modulation) system.


E1 PCM multiplexing equipment function:

PCM was not originally used to transmit computer data, but to have a trunk line between switches instead of just transmitting a telephone signal. PCM has two standards (expressions) namely E1 and T1. PCM multiplexing equipment has also been applied to all walks of life, and its characteristics are quite remarkable. The PCM multiplexing equipment developed and produced by Fctel Technology is mainly used to complete multi-service access such as telephone, 4-wire audio (E&M), RS232, network, etc., and realize the point-to-point communication function of multi-service signals by multiplexing to 1 channel E1 transmission.


E1 PCM multiplexing equipment characteristics:

Its functional characteristics: the whole machine occupies less space, adopts modular design, many optional business types of modules, flexible module configuration, and safe and reliable operation of opposites.


Fctel PCM multiplexing equipment has been widely used in electric power, military, maritime, railway, mining, oil field, government, group companies, and other industries, and has been recognized and affirmed by customers.