What is TDM over Packet (TDMOIP)

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What is the TDMOIP


In telecommunications, TDM Over IP (TDMoIP) is an analog of Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) over a Packet Switched Network (PSN). TDM refers to E1, T1, E3, or T3 signals, while PSN is based on IP or MPLS, or raw Ethernet.


TDM over IP is a pseudo wire (PW). Unlike other types of traffic that can be carried through pseudo wires (such as ATM, frame relay, and Ethernet), TDM is the actual time bitstream, resulting in unique characteristics of TDMoIP. In addition, traditional TDM networks have many special functions, especially those required for carrying voice-level telephone channels. These features mean that the signaling system supports a wide range of telephone features, a wealth of standardized literature, and a sound operation and management (OAM) mechanism. All these factors must be considered when simulating TDM over PSN.


One of the key issues in implementing TDM PW is clock recovery. In the local TDM network, the physical layer and TDM data carry highly accurate timing information together, but this synchronization does not exist when simulating TDM over PSN. TDM timing standards may be strict, and meeting these standards may require innovative mechanisms to adaptively reproduce TDM timing.


Another problem that must be solved is TDMoIP packet loss concealment (PLC). Because TDM data is transmitted at a constant rate through a dedicated channel, bit errors may occur in the local service, but data will never be lost during transmission. All PSNs will be affected by packet loss to some extent and must be compensated when TDM is transmitted through the PSN.

Features of TDMOIP products


1. Extend the E1 link on the IP network;

2. Whether the transmission is voice, data, image, or signaling, it can achieve a good quality effect;

3. Maintain E1 clock synchronization through the IP network;

4. Compared with VOIP and ATM, the networking of TDMOIP is simple and the price is cheap;

5. Support all traditional PBX;

6. Compared with VOIP, the sound delay is small and the quality is good;

7. A variety of application methods, when conditions permit, can replace many traditional transmission equipments.

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Well, the above are some introductions to TDMOIP. If you want to know more information about TDMOIP, welcome to consult.