What to pay attention to when buying a fiber mux

Time : Oct. 11, 2022    View : 81

The fiber optical multiplexer is terminal equipment for optical signal transmission. Its essence is photoelectric conversion and transmission equipment; it is placed at both ends of the optical cable, one receives and one transmits. Fiber multiplexers are generally used for telecommunications, power, monitoring, industrial control, video transmission, and other functions, and have a wide range of applications in various industries. So, what should we pay attention to when buying fiber mux? Next, let’s take a look!

a multi-service fiber mux can be used for signal transmissions, such as e1 to fiber, ethernet to fiber, voice over fiber, and others

Note one:


1. Whether the site is single-mode fiber or multi-mode fiber;


2. Whether the signal is single-core transmission or dual-core transmission;


3. Type, direction and quantity of video, data, switch (alarm), audio, Ethernet, telephone;


4. Optical interface mode: FC, SC, ST;


5. Transmission distance: 20KM, 40KM, 60KM, 80KM, 100KM, 120KM;


6. Chassis type: wall-mounted or rack-mounted.


Note two:


1. Except for one optical transceiver, the number of auxiliary terminals of each optical transceiver is 1/2 of the number of video channels;


2. Each terminal can be connected to 2 channels of unidirectional data/switch/audio, 1 channel of bidirectional data/switch/audio, or 1 channel of telephone or Ethernet;


3. Each terminal can only receive 2 signals of the same type, and cannot be mixed. For example, the audio frequency and the switch quantity cannot be connected to the same terminal;


4. When there are redundant video channels, 1 video channel can be equivalent to 1 wiring terminal.