Why does the audio of the video fiber mux have a noise failure problem?

Time : Jul. 27, 2022    View : 59

Video fiber multiplexers can be said to be widely used in the field of security monitoring. However, when we use video optical transceivers, we sometimes encounter audio noise failures, so what is the cause? Next, let’s to learn more about it!


  1. Wrong or poor connection of the positive and negative polarities of the audio cable will cause audio noise interference.


  1. Determine whether the input audio signal is within the allowable range of the optical transceiver (the input audio range is between 0.2-2V).


  1. The intercom device needs to be connected with a shielded twisted pair, and the shielding layer is connected to the shielding ground of the device. Otherwise, interference may be introduced, resulting in abnormal calls or loud noises.


  1. This device has more than two audio channels, and it is normal to have audio channels or other transmission channels in the same direction. Then the cause of the fiber link can be ruled out. By changing the abnormal audio signal to the normal audio channel for testing, the cause of the audio channel of the optical transceiver can be ruled out.


  1. When there is noise in the telephone transmission, first check whether it shares the ground with the telephone fiber mux and the telephone exchange. If there is a situation where you can’t dial and can’t talk, you need to use the telephone to directly connect to the switch for testing to determine other reasons than the optical transceiver.