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1 Channel RS232/422/485 Serial to Ethernet Converter

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Type : Serial to Ethernet Converter
Description :

This serial port server is a high-performance industrial-grade serial port networking server from serial port to 10/100m Ethernet developed by our company based on independent software.


This serial port server is a high-performance industrial-grade serial port networking server from the serial port to 10/100m Ethernet developed by our company based on independent software. It completes the transparent transmission from the serial port to Ethernet network.

The serial port of the device supports RS232, RS422, and RS485 interfaces, Ethernet port, and the serial interface of the device can be converged (in the form of IP packet) to Ethernet data interface. Convenient serial port data after the long-distance extension of data management, to meet the needs of different ways of management software. IP packet mode serial port can use Socket communication or redirection software virtual serial port communication.

Can be used in many embedded network control applications:

– smart home devices: smart home gateway, smart socket, smart switch

– security access control: network access control, alarm equipment, infrared detection alarm, remote card reader

– network IO controller: industrial remote IO input, remote relay control

– industrial automation

– building intelligence and energy monitoring

– medical monitoring equipment


RS232/RS422/RS485 to Ethernet (TCP/IP) Converter


Integrated full-function serial port to TCP/IP software, easy to use.

Ethernet interface 10M/100M, full/half duplex adaptive and cross-through adaptive.

Auto-nego Full&half duplex (auto-nego Full&half duplex), auto-cross detection (MDI/MDIX)

Support TCP server, TCP client, UDP, and UDP multicast working mode.

As a TCP server, it supports simultaneous communication with 100 clients. As a TCP client, it can connect to 8 destination IP and ports simultaneously.

Baud rate support 1200 ~ 115200, support hardware and software flow control.

The serial data interface conforms to rs-232 / rs-485 / rs-485 related standards, and different bus modes can be set by dialing the code.

High-density veneer design, improve the reliability of the system, with easy installation and debugging, and stable performance characteristics;

Flexible power supply design, can use dc9v-dc55v or ac7v-ac48v wide voltage input power supply


●  Serial interface

EIA/TIA-232 RS-232 (ITU-T V.28)

EIA/TIA-422 RS-422 (ITU-T V.11)

EIA/TIA-485 RS-485 (ISO/IEC8284)

Serial interface:

RS-422: TxD+ TxD- RxD+ RxD-

RS-485 4 wires: TxD+ TxD- RxD+ RxD-

RS-485 2 wires: a (corresponding to tx+) B (corresponding to tx-) ground

RS-232: RXD TXD Signal Ground

●  Electrical and mechanical properties

System power supply: AC7V ~ 48V; DC9V ~ 55 v

Power consumption: 5 w or less

Appearance structure: (length × width × height) 93*70*25mm

●  Ethernet interface(10/100M/1000M)

 Agreement: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1q (VLAN)

Speed rate: 10/100m self-adaptive, full/half duplex fully self-adaptive

MAC address table: you can learn 8K MAC addresses

Physical interface: RJ45, support auto-mdix (cross/straight line adaptive)

●  Working environment

Operating temperature: -10℃ — +60℃

Storage temperature: -40℃ – +85℃

Working humidity: 0% — 95% (no condensation)

MTBF: > 100,000 hours



Model Number: FCT-S1

Functional Description

Transmit 1 channel rs232/422/485 serial port over Ethernet, desktop style

Port Description

1 Ethernet interface; 1 channel rs232/422/485 serial port




Product Size: 93*70*25mm(WXDXH)




application of RS232/RS422/RS485 to Ethernet (TCP/IP) Converter

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