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Audio equipment XLR Stereo Audio to E1 Codec

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Type : XLR Stereo Audio to E1 Codec
Description :

E1 audio codec is designed with digital processing chip and large-scale FPGA, digital codec conversion and clock recovery technology.


E1 audio codec is designed with digital processing chip and large-scale FPGA, digital codec conversion and clock recovery technology. This device is suitable for broadcast source transmission.The audio encoder converts the input stereo audio signal by A/D digital codec conversion or data format, and then re-frames to form a serial data stream, and output by the E1 port.



Machine is a single board design;

Use FPGA, digital encoding and decoding and clock recovery technology, high integration, high stability.

The audio interface is the XLR card balance interface, the audio power supply is high power toroidal transformer +-18V power supply, high dynamic range;

Use of advanced digital processing, clock recovery, digital codec chip, its performance is better.

Panel has LED lights indicate working status in real time E1, a digital audio and stereo signals.

Use of SDH, PDH, microwave 2M channel, point to point transmission of audio sources.

Dispenser with E1 interfaces can be implemented out of the overcharged broadcast transmission of audio sources.

Apply to provincial, city, county, township area network, to achieve ultra-long haul transmission of audio sources.

E1 interface complies with G.703 recommendation, all-digital clock recovery and smooth phase-locked technology;

Audio interface three mine, to IEC61000-4-5 (8 / 20μS) differential mode: 6KV, impedance (2Ω); common-mode: 6KV, impedance (2Ω) Standard

Multiple power mode options: AC220V, DC-48V / DC24V and the like.


● Audio

Signal level:                                 0.5-4Vp-p

Input / output impedance:    600Ω (unbalanced or balanced)

AD / DA-bit wide:                  24Bit

Sampling frequency:                   128K

Bandwidth:                                   20Hz-20KHz

Total harmonic distortion:   <1%

Noise ratio (SNR):                 > 85dB

Connecting terminal:                  XLR (XLR) balanced interface

● E1 Interface

E1 interface protocol: ITU-T G.703, 

Interface Rate: 2048Kbps±50ppm

Interface Code: HDB3;

E1 Impedance:              75Ω (unbalance L9), 120Ω (balance RJ45);

Jitter tolerance:              In accord with protocol G.742 and G.823

Allowed Attenuation: 0~6dBm

● Electrical and mechanical characteristics

Voltage: AC165V ~ 265V; DC -48V; DC + 24V

Power: ≤5W

● Environmental Indicators

Working temperature: -10 ℃ – + 70 ℃

Storage temperature: -40 ℃ – + 85 ℃

Humidity: 0% -95% (non-condensing)

MTBF: > 100,000 hours




Functional Description

E1 audio codec, can transmit 1 channels stereo audio in one E1

Port Description

1 channels stereo audio interface; 1*E1 interface


AC180V ~ 260V; DC -48V; DC + 24V


19 inches: 483 (W) X140 (depth) X44 (H) mm





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