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LoRa Digital Input/Output (Dry/Wet Contact) Aggregation Gateway

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Type : Digital I/O LoRa Gateway
Description :

This is a wireless relay device that utilizes LoRa technology to convert digital input/output to RJ45 (Ethernet) connections.


This is a wireless relay device that utilizes LoRa technology to convert digital input/output to RJ45 (Ethernet) connections. It operates as an aggregation gateway, allowing multiple digital signals to be collected and transmitted via LoRa. The device is designed to achieve an IP40 protection rating. It further converts the aggregated digital signals into Modbus TCP data for transmission over the network. This product is compatible with our company’s LoRa terminal modules.


The gateway features a server that supports various network protocols such as TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, and SNMP. It offers comprehensive management functionalities including access control, quick configuration, and online upgrades. The gateway supports multiple operating modes, including Modbus TCP, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, and UDP Client. It also supports web-based access. The user-friendly network management system interface ensures a simple and convenient operation, providing a superior user experience.


The device incorporates an ARM Cortex-M4 processor with a frequency of 192MHz.

It functions as a terminal utilizing LoRa spread spectrum technology for wireless data transmission, providing users with a fully transparent data transmission mode. It supports various network topologies, including star network, and offers multiple communication modes such as point-to-point, broadcast, and multicast within the same network.

It boasts a high receiver sensitivity of -139dBm, demonstrating exceptional anti-interference capability. The transmission power is adjustable.

The device operates on the ISM 430MHz-490MHz license-free frequency band, eliminating the need for frequency usage fees. The default frequency is 490MHz to avoid congested frequency bands, particularly 433MHz.

The node device supports 8 channels of DI and DO. The DI supports dry contact input mode, while the DO supports dry contact output and pulse output (wet contact) modes.

The LoRa aggregation device can transmit switch signals to node devices for output control, and the node devices can also transmit input switch signals to the aggregation device, converted into Modbus TCP protocol.

It features 1 10/100M Ethernet port with support for 10/100Base-T(X) adaptive Ethernet interface. It supports auto-negotiation (Auto-Nego full&half duplex) and automatic crossover detection (MDI/MDIX).

It supports various operating modes, including Modbus TCP, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, and UDP Client.

It offers multiple configuration options, including Windows configuration tool, serial port, and web-based configuration. SNMP network management is also supported.

● When powered by dual DC power (5.08 terminal block):

  It can be powered by a wide range of DC sources from 9V to 70V or AC sources from 7V to 55V. The power supply features automatic polarity detection, eliminating the need to distinguish between positive and negative poles during installation.

  It supports internal isolation and redundant dual power supply inputs, and it has reverse connection protection.

● When powered by AC power (3-pin AC socket):

  It supports AC input ranging from 85V to 265V AC or DC input ranging from 110V to 300V DC.

The power supply offers overload protection and complies with industrial-grade electromagnetic compatibility requirements. It provides excellent lightning protection, surge protection, and high-voltage induction resistance.

The device features efficient fanless cooling, reducing maintenance time.

It is housed in an anodized aluminum alloy enclosure with an IP40 protection rating, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

It can be mounted on a DIN rail or wall.

It operates in wide temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C.

It has passed the 100% burn-in testing.


● 10/100M Ethernet Interface

Protocol: Compliant with IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3z

Speed: 10/100Mbps adaptive, full/half duplex adaptive

MAC Address Table: Supports learning up to 4096 MAC addresses

Physical Interface: RJ45 connector with Auto-MDIX support


● Digital I/O Interface

Output Interface Types:

Dry Contact: Signal relay dry contact output

Pulse Output (Wet Contact): Opto-MOS relay output, 0-VCC (VCC refers to the power supply voltage of the device)

Response Time:

Dry Contact Output: <1.2ms

Wet Contact Output: <0.6ms

Switch Signal Output:

Dry Contact: 30VDC/0.5A

Wet Contact: 245VDC/0.12A

Maximum Switching Frequency: 50Hz

Output Surge Protection:

Dry Contact Output: None

Wet Contact Output: Protected by TVS and solid-state discharge tube


● LoRa Interface

RF Frequency: Default 490MHz, configurable from 400MHz to 520MHz

RF Transmit Power: Default 20dBm / 100mW

Air Data Rate: 0.018-37.5kbps

Range: 4-8km

Receiver Sensitivity: -139dBm (maximum)

Antenna Interface: SMA connector, external thread with internal pin


● Environmental Index

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Operating Humidity: 0% to 95% (non-condensing)

MTBF: >100,000 hours



Function Description Industrial rail-mounted LoRa aggregation device with 1-8 channels of digital input/output
Port Description 8 digital input/output interface; 1 100Mbps Ethernet port; 1 LoRa interface
Power Supply DC Power Supply:
Redundant dual power input: DC 9-70V or AC 7-50V, power consumption <5W
Overload protection: Supported; Reverse connection protection: Supported; Redundancy protection: Supported
Terminal type: 4-core 5.08mm pitch pluggable terminal
Built-in AC Power Supply:
AC input: AC 85-265V or DC 110-300V wide input range
Power consumption <5W
Overload protection: Supported
Input interface: 3-prong AC socket

110mm (Length) x 86mm (Width) x 40.5mm (Height)

Installation Method: DIN rail mounting, wall mounting

Weight 0.45kg/pcs


application of LoRa Digital Input/Output Aggregation Gateway


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