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Industrial Grade 6KV Lightning Protection USB to 1 Channel TTL Converter FC-2009

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The basic function of this model FC-2009 is to convert USB to 1-channel 6KV lightning protection TTL. The working power of this product is supplied by the USB port, no external power supply is required, and it adopts a unique no-delay automatic transceiver conversion technology. It is plug-and-play and suitable for all software. It also has transceiver enable control, and the output is in a high-impedance state when not sending data, supporting multi-point communication.

Different from other similar cheap products on the market, this product:

Industrial-grade operating temperature (-40 to +85 degrees),

Serial port 6KV three-level lightning protection (10/700us current wave, internal resistance 40Ω)

Gold USB built-in TVS protection (±15kV-air and ±8kV-contact),

Unique 3LED lights, power supply: red light, serial port receiving: orange light, serial port sending: green light.


Full-speed USB device interface, compatible with USB v2.0.

Simulates standard serial ports, used to upgrade original serial port peripherals, or add additional serial ports through USB.

●  The serial port application under the Windows operating system on the computer side is fully compatible and requires no modification.

The hardware has fully built-in transceiver buffer, supporting communication baud rate 50bps~2Mbps

Applicable to operating systems: Win98/2K/XP, WIN10/WIN11 system 32/64 bit, Linux, MAC OS-9/X, Android.

3 LED indicators: power:red light, serial port data receiving: orange light, serial port data sending: green light, convenient for monitoring status.

Gold USB port, USB power supply, working current <30mA, USB interface protection: electrostatic protection up to ±15kV (air) and ±8kV (contact), EFT protection up to 40A (5/50ns), lightning protection up to 5A(8/20us)

The TTL interface has three levels of lightning protection, and the lightning protection reaches the GB/T17626.5 (IEC61000-4-5) short-circuit current wave 10/700μs open circuit peak output voltage 6KV, internal resistance 40Ω standard;

The interface has a 5V power terminal output (0.5A PTC protection tube), which is protected when working above 0.7A.

All models pass 100% baking machine test;

USB directly connects to computer lightning strike test: TTL interface can pass: lightning strike test with short circuit current wave 10/700μs, open circuit peak output voltage 6KV, internal resistance 40Ω

Wide temperature type: operating temperature -40℃~ +85℃, +85℃ high temperature test: in an aging box of 85℃, the converter can work normally without packet loss or crash.



● TTL Interface   

Pin definition: TXD,RXD, GND

Level:   In: 0-5V (low<0.8V, High>2.0V)

Out: 0-5V

Rate: 50bps~2Mbps

● USB2.0 Interface

Standard:    USB2.0

Full speed:   Full-speed (25Mbps~480Mbps)

Physical interface: gold-plated USB TYPE A male

● Working environment   

Working temperature: -40°C – +85°C

Storage temperature: -40°C – +85°C

Working humidity:    0% – 95% (no condensation)

MTBF: >100,000 hours



Product Number


Product Function Description

Lightning protection USB to 1 channel TTL converter

Service Port Description

1 USB2.0 interface; 1 TTL interface

Power Supply

Passive, USB powered, power consumption <150mW (5V 30mA)

Product Size

Dimensions: 70mm(L) x 26mm(W) x 14mm(H)





Description of the 5-bit terminal


5V output, with 0.5A resettable fuse


power ground


TTL shield ground


TTL data negative pin


TTL data sending



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