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Modular Rail Cache Type 2 Master 1 Slave RS485 Isolation Hub FCC-D2M

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The 2-channel buffered RS485 hub is an RS485 communication gateway device, mainly used to coordinate the information interaction between the host and slaves in the RS485 communication network. The cache-type RS485 hub can coordinate multiple RS485 hosts to access a single slave machine without conflicting communication networks; on the other hand, it can serve as a hub function to expand the number of slave machines in RS485 branches and buses. This equipment adopts photoelectric isolation design to prevent mutual signal interference and ensure communication stability; it adopts 10K data cache to coordinate multiple simultaneous communications; it adopts data frame intelligent identification technology to speed up data communication response and abnormal error response to ensure communication timeliness.

Each RS485 channel has 6kV lightning protection capability, photoelectric isolation, isolation voltage up to 3KV, and each channel has an independent ground, so that when one RS485 bus is damaged, the devices on other RS485 buses can be protected. Each RS485 port can carry up to 128 nodes; the power port also has 6kV lightning protection capability.


RS485 is equipped with common-mode inductor differential filtering, which can filter burrs in the line. The longest transmission distance is 2200 meters (9600bps);

Supports multi-master and one-slave mode, multiple hosts access one slave at the same time, supports one-master and multiple-slave mode, multiple slaves can send data to the host at the same time, supports two masters and one slave (default) and one master and two slaves communication mode switch

Each RS485 channel has 6kV lightning protection capability and 3KV photoelectric isolation. Each RS485 channel has an independent shielded wire ground interface and LED indicator light. It is powered by an isolation voltage 3KV DC-DC power supply. The communication signal is isolated by high-speed optocoupler;

The power supply ground is isolated from the ground of No. 1/2/3 RS485, and the ground of No. 1/2/3 RS485 is isolated from each other. They are all 3KV electrically isolated. Direct AC220V or AC380V voltage input will not burn the other parts of the isolation. one end;

Maximum 10K byte cache, the device comes with configuration software, which can set the communication mode and parameters of each 485 interface;

The RS485 interface has three-level lightning protection. The lightning protection reaches GB/T17626.5 (IEC61000-4-5) short-circuit current wave 10/700μs, open-circuit peak output voltage 6KV, and internal resistance 40 ohm standard;

Supports a wide range of 9-70V DC power input, and the power interface has 6kV lightning protection capability;

The power supply supports overload protection and anti-reverse connection protection; it meets industrial level four electromagnetic compatibility requirements;

Super lightning protection function: anti-lightning strike, resistant to induced high voltage, anti-surge, etc.;

Fanless and efficient heat dissipation, reducing repair time, guide rail installation;

Wide temperature type: working temperature -40℃~ +85℃;

All models pass 100% baking machine test;



●Serial Interface   


 EIA/TIA-485 RS-485 (ISO/IEC8284)

Serial interface:


RS-485 2 wires: A(+),B(-),SG(Signal Ground)

The terminal 120 ohm matching resistor device is built-in


Working environment   

Working temperature: -40°C – +85°C

Storage temperature: -40°C – +85°C

Working humidity:    0% – 95% (no condensation)

MTBF:  >200,000 hours



Product Number


Product Function Description

Cache type 2 master and 1 slave RS485 isolation hub

Service Port Description

2 isolated RS485 channels, 1 isolated RS485 interface

Power Supply

Power input DC5-70V, power consumption <1W

Overload protection: supported; reverse connection protection: supported;

Access terminal: 3-core 5.08mm pitch terminal



Product Size


When the software is set to multi-master and one-slave mode, two master stations can train one slave machine at the same time.


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