Analysis of Fctel technology Ethernet switch applied in smart Rail Transit Project
Time : Mar. 01, 2022    View : 348

    As the saying goes, urban construction, transportation first, rail transit is a golden key to solve the “urban disease”, and intelligent transportation is an important part of the construction of smart city. Since 2009, China has entered the climax of urban rail transit construction, and expanded the subway market year by year. The development of public transportation system based on rail transit is an effective means to alleviate traffic congestion in various places, in which Ethernet switch plays an important role.

    Rail transit construction is not only the symbol of urban modernization, but also the necessity of social science and technology progress and urban development. The safe, efficient and driverless operation of rail transit is the result of highly automated and intelligent integration. Establish a passenger centered service concept, through the construction of AFC, convenient mobile payment, high-speed WiFi access, comprehensive security, access control and other systems, better meet the interaction between passengers and operators and safe and convenient travel.
    Rail transit requires accurate control of time, speed, train intersection and other aspects of information, and a large number of voice, video and other data transmission are required in scheduling, communication, real-time reporting and other aspects, which requires the establishment of a reliable, easy to expand, independent communication network to transmit and process all kinds of information required by rail transit operation.

    Ethernet switch has become an indispensable part of rail transit signal transmission system because of its advantages of good openness, wide temperature working and strong anti electromagnetic interference. It is mainly used in passenger information system, automatic ticketing system and metro platform screen door system.
1. Passenger information system
    Passenger information system (PIs) is a service system that Metro provides information for passengers. It is a system that relies on multimedia network technology, takes computer as the core and station and on-board display as the media to provide information services for passengers, including but not limited to audio broadcasting platform, alarm platform and video monitoring. All real-time broadcast media shall not have sound pause, mosaic and other conditions, Therefore, the reliability of network and transmission system is required to be high.
2. Automatic fare collection system
    AFC system is based on computer, communication, network and automatic control technology to realize the process of ticket selling, ticket checking, billing, clearing and management of rail transit. Because the system carries the financial data of rail transit and interacts with many systems such as bus card, its stability and safety reliability are the most important.
3. Metro platform screen door system
    The information transmission between central level management and station level management adopts 100 / 1000 / 10000m TCP / IP channel provided by communication specialty, and the terminal equipment is connected by bus. A central management workstation is set in the control center, and a central authorized workstation is set in the control center and the depot respectively. Each station is equipped with a workstation to monitor the terminal equipment of the platform screen door system.
    The industrial Ethernet switch developed and produced by Fctel technology has stronger strength and applicability, and can better meet the needs of industrial site; The expansion of the module is more flexible, with a variety of optical and electrical ports to choose from; Strong anti lightning and magnetic field interference, redundant dual power input; A variety of automatic alarm output; Good ring network construction and self-healing mode; Through FCC, CE, UL, ROHS, Ministry of public security and many other international and domestic certification, Fctel technology has become the preferred partner for the construction of safe city, bright city and smart city.