Application of Fctel Technology Industrial ring switch in tunnel monitoring system
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    Monitoring and automation systems are widely used in transportation industry. Industrial Ethernet is widely used in Metro CCTV, Metro electromechanical integrated monitoring, railway integrated monitoring, highway traffic monitoring, tunnel monitoring, bridge monitoring, urban intelligent transportation, traffic signal system, traffic fare collection and other fields. For example, in the tunnel monitoring system, a large number of industrial switches with group ring network are used. Next, the editor of Fctel technology will introduce in detail the application of Fctel industrial ring network switch in the tunnel monitoring system.
   The industrial switch products of Fctel technology brand can provide reliable and stable multi service communication in the worst environment, and provide communication guarantee for the effective operation of the transportation industry. Fctel technology series industrial switch adopts FPGA and CPLD dynamic reconfiguration and repetitive programming technology. The design has good electromagnetic compatibility, shock resistance and shock resistance. After the industrial switch products are put into the market, it has been reliably applied in petrochemical, rail, highway, high-speed rail, environmental protection, mining and other strict environments.

Transportation industry application
    1. Highway tunnel monitoring system; 2. Bridge integrated monitoring system; 3. Metro Communication System / video monitoring system / electromechanical integrated monitoring system; 4. Automatic ticket checking system; 5. Railway integrated monitoring system; 6. Intelligent traffic monitoring system
Five characteristics of Fctel Technology Industrial ring network switch:
    1) FPGA and CPLD dynamic reconstruction and repetitive programming technology are adopted to design the system with good electromagnetic compatibility and anti shock capability. It has been applied in petrochemical, track, highway, high-speed railway, environmental protection, mine and other harsh environments after it was put into the market in 2011.
    2) The one chip technology scheme is adopted for Fctel technology industrial switch. All models are based on the non blocking 24 * 100m + 2 * 1000m line speed switching chip, with the backplane bandwidth of 8.8gbps. All products are realized by releasing the corresponding port number on the same one chip, ensuring that the medium, high and low-end models have high-end processing capacity and excellent performance, The paper puts an end to the packet loss or delay caused by insufficient exchange capacity or insufficient bandwidth reserve of backplane, which makes series of products more suitable for industrial applications with high flow and low delay.
    3) The one power design concept of Fctel technology industrial switch adopts industrial class isolation power supply with peak value of 25W (the actual power consumption of the whole series products is between 5w-10w), ensuring sufficient margin of power output, even in extremely severe-40 ° Cold or +75 ° The hot environment still keeps running for a long time (still keep 50% output allowance under the condition of extreme power derating), which greatly extends the service life of power supply and the stability and reliability of the equipment as a whole.
    4) The technology industrial switch of Fctel adopts den gold gold sinking process. The whole product line adopts denser and even den gold deposit process, which makes the welding more firm, has better anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, and can be used stably in harsh environment. Meanwhile, the den gold deposit process makes it possible to deposit large area of gold, thus realizing electromagnetic protection of key chips. The whole product line has better anti-interference and electromagnetic compatibility.
    5) The air technology industrial exchange adopts Al alloy shell, which has excellent heat dissipation performance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and it is not rusty and has fast heat conduction. The splicing place inside the shell is covered by single-sided tape when painting, so as to ensure the transparent conductivity of the shell during the overall assembly.

    Well, the above is about the application of industrial ring switch in tunnel monitoring system in detail, I hope to help you! Fctel technology focuses on the R & D and production of optical fiber communication, digital security, video transmission, and security monitoring transmission products, and provides customized services. At present, its products are mainly concentrated in four series: optical transceiver, industrial switch, optical fiber transceiver, protocol converter, etc. Fctel technology, an expert in optical communication and access solutions, can help you to solve the problems of product customization and small and medium batch orders. Choosing Hangzhou Fctel means choosing to be at ease, to be at ease and to be at ease. Welcome to understand and exchange, the hotline: 0571-8700-7140400-0505-571.