Application scheme of Fctel technology industrial switch series products in power industry
Time : Dec. 14, 2021    View : 503

     Nowadays, automation and industrial communication are widely used in the power industry. In the process of power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution in hydropower, thermal power, wind power, nuclear power and thermal power industry, it needs comprehensive data collection and data monitoring, and the data flow is large. The reliability and real-time requirements of automation and control communication in power industry are very high. The working environment of the equipment in the power industry is very bad, sometimes it needs to be placed in the outdoor cabinet, and the electromagnetic interference is very serious. Real time, reliable and anti harsh environment industrial Ethernet has become a reliable solution for power industry networking and control communication. Next we will go to see the application scheme of the series of products of Fctel technology industrial switch in the power industry in detail.

    Features of Fctel technology industrial switch solution:
    (1) It can resist strong electromagnetic interference and surge, and operate stably without fan in the ambient temperature of – 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃. It is suitable for application in harsh environment of power industry;
    (2) Self healing ring network technology, fast self-healing protection, provides the guarantee of high reliable communication;
    (3) It has the function of optical power cut-off protection to meet the high reliability requirements of power network applications;
    (4) Fctel brand industrial Ethernet switch supports non blocking switching, provides the most stable line speed transmission performance, and meets the requirements of high flow and real-time;
    (5) Dual power supply redundancy design, support wider power input range, ensure power supply safety;
    (6) Reliable optical fiber transmission, complex networking features, to meet the needs of a wide range of communication coverage.
    Fctel Technology Industrial Ethernet switch solution is applied to:
    (1) Generation automation control system
    (2) Auxiliary control system of power plant
    (3) Wind turbine SCADA system
    (4) Power security monitoring system
    (5) Substation integrated automation system
    (6) Distribution automation system
    (7) Power company MIS system and branch networking
    Fctel technology – wind farm monitoring communication network solution:

    Well, the above is about the Fctel technology industrial switch series products in the power industry application program related detailed introduction, hope to help you! Fctel technology, an expert in optical communication and access solutions, can solve product customization problems and small and medium batch orders for you. Choosing Hangzhou Fctel means choosing to be at ease, to be at ease and to be at ease. Welcome to understand and exchange.