Fctel technology high definition electronic police system solution
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    HD electronic police can detect and record the behavior of running red light continuously and automatically. It is an important means to curb the behavior of running red light by legislation, and then improve the traffic environment of urban road and improve the number of public travel safety.


    Urban road traffic safety is an important branch of urban public transport safety. With the widespread application of motor vehicles, various illegal incidents related to motor vehicles have begun to spread. The road traffic safety problem derived from this has become an important restricting factor in the social and economic development. Collect, statistics and analyze road traffic accidents, and find that most of the traffic accidents are caused by the violation of regulations, especially the accidents caused by the traffic lights running at intersections or sections. To build an automatic recording system for running red lights (commonly known as electronic police), to detect and record the behavior of running a red light continuously and to punish the behavior of running a red light by legislation is an important means to curb the behavior of running a red light by motor vehicles, and then improve the traffic environment of urban roads and improve the public travel safety coefficient.

    System overview high definition electric police and intelligent bayonet are important parts of intelligent transportation application, which are generally composed of front-end acquisition, network transmission and comprehensive supervision center. It can effectively regulate the driving habits and behaviors of drivers through the main functions of traffic illegal evidence collection, vehicle traffic record, traffic flow detection, and also help the public security departments to effectively crack down on speeding, robbery, blacklist motor vehicle crimes, investigate and arrest traffic accident and escape cases, analyze traffic conditions, and strengthen public security management, It provides important clues and basis for local public security and traffic police departments to carry out traffic management.
system requirements

    1. There are many on-site cameras, and the video flows to multiple channels.

    2. Ensure the stability of video image transmission, no card and no packet loss.

    3. The on-site construction debugging is simple and easy to maintain.

    4. -40 ° C-75 ° Stable operation under C environment.

    Network topology

    Design principles

    (1) advanced: the high-definition electronic police front-end system adopts the high-definition integrated camera to replace the analog camera + the industrial computer mode, which is the most important embodiment of the advanced nature of the system.

    (2) Practicability: the front-end system of HD electronic police conforms to the latest standard of GA / T 496-2009 of the Ministry of public security, and can accurately capture, capture and record red light running behaviors for traffic police users.

    (3) Reliability: embedded technology is widely used in the front-end system of high-definition electronic police, which abandons the mode of industrial control computer. The reliability has made a qualitative leap in terms of service life of front-end equipment and resistance to harsh environment, which is in line with the development direction of outdoor electronic product design.

    (4) Economy: the embedded integrated HD camera is used to replace the digital camera, and the LED low-power fill lamp is used to replace the flash. The service life of the equipment is significantly longer, the product replacement cycle is significantly shortened, and the system economy is significantly improved.

   (5) Security: the data collected by HD electronic police front-end system is encrypted and transmitted to ensure the security of system data. Through watermark technology to achieve data tamper proof function, to ensure the credibility of data as evidence.

    (6) Easy maintenance: the front-end system of high-definition electronic police contains a small number of devices, and the integrated high-definition camera can accept the centralized management of the software platform, which can realize remote upgrade, maintenance and automatic timing.

    There are four kinds of popular electronic police in the market: coil triggered electronic police, video triggered electronic police, coil video hybrid triggered electronic police and electronic police all in one machine.

    (1) 2.1 a single high-definition photo contains three elements of red light running behavior:

    The standard definition electronic police need two photos, one is panoramic photo (recording the process of running a red light, can’t see the license plate clearly), and the other is close-up photo (can only see the license plate clearly). The illegal evidence needs 2-3 consecutive panoramic photos and one close-up photo. The resolution of panoramic and close-up photos is only 768 * 576, and the resolution is about 400-600 lines; HD electronic police take 2-3 consecutive HD photos, each of which includes three elements: license plate number, stop line and red light signal. The resolution of a single photo reaches 1600 * 1200, and the resolution exceeds 960 lines, which improves the non repudiation of illegal evidence collection and is more conducive to illegal evidence collection. As shown in the figure below:

    (2) 2.2 single camera outputs high-definition photos and high-definition video at the same time

    The standard clear electronic police need a full scene camera to output dynamic video to record the process of running a red light. Besides high-definition photos, high-definition network camera can also output a high-definition video, recording the process of running a red light on a motor vehicle. On the one hand, the persuasive power of illegal photos is enhanced, on the other hand, the number of cameras is reduced and the number of fault points is reduced.

    (3) 2.3 flash hardware synchronous exposure

    The traditional standard clearing electronic police system camera does not have flash synchronization interface, and it is controlled by the third-party external circuit and software to realize the synchronization between the camera and the flash. The synchronization effect is not ideal and is limited. The high definition electronic police system uses CCD electronic shutter to directly control the synchronous exposure of flash hardware, which can achieve strict synchronization.

    (4) 2.4 pre-processing of front-end photo synthesis and superposition

    According to the requirements of section 4.3.2 of ga/t 496-2009, three photos recorded by one red light breaking behavior are synthesized into one picture. The electronic police service processor will complete this function, and synthesize 3 2 megapixel high-definition photos captured by high-definition network camera into one picture, and complete the information superposition of time, location, direction and lane. After the picture is synthesized, there are no problems such as missing or misplaced original pictures. The site synthesis diagram is as follows:

    System structure

    The monitoring center deploys electronic police software platform (including server), operation terminal, printer, etc.   

    The software platform manages the front-end equipment of electronic police in the whole network, the operation terminal is used for illegal manual processing, and the printer is used for printing illegal tickets.

    The electronic police system at all intersections adopts independent optical fiber for data transmission. At the same time, CDMA, 3G and other wireless transmission modes can be selected to provide redundant communication lines for optical fiber transmission.

    Each direction has a set of e-police business processing system, and the e-police business processing systems in multiple directions are interconnected to a main exit through the intersection LAN. A set of optical fiber transceiver is installed and converged to the monitoring center through independent optical fiber.

     It mainly includes integrated HD network camera, fill light, electronic police business processor, traffic signal detector, vehicle detector, ground sensor coil, switch, optical fiber transceiver, UPS power supply and other engineering materials. The schematic diagram is as follows:

    The distance between large intersections is wide, and the connection distance of super class 5 lines is limited, so the switches in each direction are used for interconnection.

    The distance between small intersections is narrow, and the high-definition network camera and the electronic police service processor can be directly connected to the exchange at the gathering point.

    The logic function mainly includes image acquisition unit, front-end processing unit, background processing unit, flight field processing system, integrated integrated management platform of networking system.
performance index

    (1) Key elements of capture: red light signal, stop line, motor vehicle appearance, number plate, color and red light running process.

    (2) Illegal record composition: 3 2 million photos + 1 dynamic video. The first is that the motor vehicle is pressed on the stop line, and the second and third are that the motor vehicle has crossed the stop line. Photo synthesis is completed in the front-end electronic police service processor.

   (3) Vehicle speed capture range: the vehicle can be captured within the range of 5-200km/h measured, and the capture rate of vehicles running red light reaches 99%.

    (4) Response speed of image acquisition: < 1ms.

    (5) Minimum capture interval: 70ms.

    (6) Image compression: JPEG. Resolution 1600 * 1200.

    (7) Video compression mode: H.264. Only the video of the red light running process is recorded, with a resolution of 2 megapixels; Record video all the way, with a resolution of 4cif.

    (8) Image storage capacity: ≥ 1.2 million records. The front-end plug 8GB SD card can cache 10000 records.

    (9) Dynamic video storage capacity: designed according to 30 days per point.

    (10) Life of light supplement lamp: ≥ 5million times.

    (11) Working temperature and working humidity: when there is no heating and cooling device, -10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃. 10%~95%。

    Application scheme

    The electronic police are used to record the red light crossing behavior at intersections or sections. Therefore, it is usually a crossing or T-junction, and rarely a straight road. As shown in the figure below:

    Scheme features

    (1) This scheme adopts the full Gigabit scheme, and flexibly uses the sw-ring ring ring network and star topology to ensure the fluency of HD video and the stability and real-time of network architecture.

    (2) The application of Poe power supply mode can simplify the construction wiring work in front-end access, and effectively avoid the situation that commercial Poe communication products are easy to burn equipment.

    (3) The product is designed in strict accordance with the industrial grade 4 standard, and can work stably in outdoor high and low temperature, strong electromagnetic interference and many other uncertain harsh environment.

    (4) Support VLAN, IGMP snooping, flow control and other network management capabilities to ensure stable and efficient video transmission.

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