Fctel technology – industrial automation control system solutions
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    Industrial automation system refers to the general term of automatic technology tools (including automatic measuring instruments and control devices) for measuring and controlling industrial production process, mechanical and electrical equipment and process equipment. It is a kind of technology that uses control theory, instrument and instrument, computer and other information technology to realize detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making in industrial production process, The purpose of increasing output, improving quality, reducing consumption and ensuring safety is achieved.

    As the industrial automation system is developing in the distributed and intelligent real-time control, and with the rapid development of information technology, enterprises are required to realize comprehensive seamless information integration from the field control layer to the management level. Industrial Ethernet technology provides an open infrastructure to meet the urgent needs of unified communication protocol and network in the field of industrial control, It has been widely used and will become the development direction of industrial control communication in the future.

    The reliability of industrial control network is very high in industrial environment, and industrial Ethernet is required to have strong redundancy function; Industrial control requires high real-time communication; Industrial environment is very bad, often requires industrial Ethernet equipment to run in the environment with strong electromagnetic interference, severe vibration, dust, ultra-high temperature, or ultra-low temperature for a long time. Fctel technology series industrial Ethernet switch is specially designed for harsh industrial environment, with reliable redundancy function, becoming an ideal choice for industrial control communication.
    The industrial automation control system adopts Fctel technology 100m network management rack switch, Fctel technology 100m network management card rail switch and serial Ethernet server networking. The serial Ethernet server supports the communication and data exchange between one Ethernet interface and two serial ports, and is directly connected with the automation equipment. The information collected by the sensor is fed back to the control station through the network management switch. At the same time, the control information of the control station is transmitted to the PLC and other automation equipment, so as to realize the unified management and automatic control of automation equipment and sensor equipment.
Structure diagram of industrial automation control system

Characteristics of industrial automation control solutions

    (1) Fctel technology series industrial Ethernet switch provides reliable optical transmission interface, long-distance transmission and anti electromagnetic interference;
    (2) It adopts self-healing ring network technology, fast self-healing protection, and provides high reliable communication guarantee for industrial control;
    (3) It supports non blocking switching, provides stable line speed transmission performance, and meets the high real-time demand of industrial control;
    (4) It can resist strong electromagnetic interference and surge, and operate stably without fan in the ambient temperature of – 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃. It is suitable for application in harsh environment;
    (5) Dual power supply redundancy design, support wider power input range, ensure power supply safety;
    (6) Support automatic alarm output, remote monitoring, remote maintenance;
    (7) Strong shell design, durable, support DIN rail, safe and firm;
    (8) Support cable interface of M12 mode, provide high reliable cable connection;
    (9) Provide high protection (IP67) model to meet the higher protection requirements of harsh industrial environment.
Industrial Ethernet switch solution applied to

    Metallurgical Automation System
    Automation system of Petroleum / coal industry
    Tobacco factory automation system
    Chemical engineering system
    Cement building materials manufacturing automation system
    Automation system of pharmaceutical factory
    Industrial automation enterprise monitoring system networking and enterprise information networking

Metallurgical automation solution of Fctel Technology

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