Fctel Technology Industrial Ethernet switch applied in intelligent traffic monitoring system solution
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    The intelligent traffic road video monitoring system can transmit the traffic operation status to the monitoring center in real time and monitor the road vehicle operation status by establishing a monitoring network covering the main main roads and traffic intersections in the city and equipped with corresponding image monitoring equipment and software. Communication technology occupies a very important position in the intelligent transportation industry. Traditional remote monitoring and image transmission generally use a large number of video lines or video optical terminal to transmit, which is easy to be restricted by terrain and other conditions, and there are great obstacles in application and promotion. At present, intelligent traffic monitoring has fully utilized the very mature Ethernet technology, and transmitted video, audio and various information through Ethernet network, and realized various efficient monitoring solutions.
1、 Demand
    This scheme provides the network monitoring system of main roads and intersections of the city for the traffic roads. When the whole system is completed, it can realize real-time monitoring of the monitoring points under the traffic monitoring center of each regional center. The monitoring data of the traffic monitoring center of each regional center are transmitted to the monitoring center of the General Administration of transportation, and the real-time monitoring of the monitoring points is realized in the traffic monitoring center and the General Administration of transportation monitoring center in each district.
2、 System structure
    According to the actual needs of intelligent traffic monitoring, controllable cameras or fixed cameras are installed in key areas such as main roads and intersections in the city. Video server is used to convert video signal of camera into TCP packet, and data is transmitted to monitoring center through industrial Ethernet switch to realize video monitoring system based on network platform.
Video monitoring system can be divided into three parts: monitoring area, transmission network and monitoring center.
1. monitoring area
    The monitoring area is mainly composed of cameras, video servers, industrial Ethernet switches and other main equipment. Because of the advanced H.264 image compression standard, each video occupies low bandwidth and clear image. At the same time, the industrial Ethernet switch is adopted to ensure the stability of the network system. It is very suitable for the transportation industry to the requirements of high real-time, high clarity and stable transmission.
2. transmission network
    The transmission network of video monitoring system adopts standard tcp/ip protocol, which can run directly on the internal network of traffic department. The video signal of the front-end camera is transmitted to the industrial Ethernet switch through the network by the network video server, and transmitted to the monitoring center of each district by using the optical fiber interface of the switch.
3. monitoring center
    The monitoring system adopts client/sever structure, and installs the central video monitoring system server in the monitoring center. The system cooperates with each monitoring area to complete the field image processing. In the monitoring center, the video monitor system server reverts the digital video into analog images, and sends the images to the TV wall of the command center. The command and transfer personnel can also choose the computer as the monitoring terminal to monitor the whole monitoring information. In addition, users can use any computer on the network as monitoring client, and the client web browser can view the required screen according to the permissions at any time and anywhere. It can realize real-time monitoring of multiple pictures, remote control of camera platform, illegal capture and other operations.
3、 System topology

4、 Transmission equipment selection
    In different monitoring areas, choose to use different switching equipment. For example, use 5-port or 8-port switch in the area with few video servers, and use 16 or 24 port switch in the area with more video servers. Use the optical fiber interface of the switch to transmit the data to the regional monitoring center with special optical cable. The data is gathered by mier-4226 all optical port optical fiber switch, It is transmitted from the 1000m network interface of mier-4226 switch to the hard disk video recorder and TV wall. The transmission to the general office is realized by the 1000m optical fiber interface of mier-4226.
    Conclusion: the use of video server can not only easily set up various types of monitoring network, but also be quite convenient when the monitoring system needs to be upgraded. It only needs to add a few devices to achieve the upgrade, which will not have any impact on the existing system. In addition, the center management software realizes the centralized monitoring and management of multiple video servers by the host, which is convenient to set up a large video monitoring system.
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