Fctel technology industrial switch applied in intelligent transportation electronic police project solution
Time : Feb. 25, 2022    View : 380

1、 System introduction
    Nowadays, with the rapid development of China’s economy, the number of urban traffic roads is increasing, the number of motor vehicles and road traffic flow is increasing significantly, and the phenomenon of motor vehicle violation is becoming increasingly serious, which has brought great threat to the people’s personal safety and affected the normal urban traffic order. In order to create a good urban traffic environment and improve the urban traffic situation, relying on the traffic police’s man-made management alone can not meet the needs of modern traffic management. Under this premise, it is imperative to improve the modernization level of highway and urban traffic management, and it is urgent to adopt high-tech means to enrich and strengthen the level of traffic management.

2、 Program overview
    The electronic police solution for red light running aims at controlling traffic violations. It uses high-performance and reliable embedded devices, adopts advanced video detection and license plate recognition technology, and integrates red light running vehicle detection, picture capture and transmission. It provides strong law enforcement basis for urban public security traffic management departments, which can effectively prevent traffic violations, Reduce the accidents caused by this, and can play a deterrent role to the illegal drivers, and promote a virtuous cycle of traffic order. The system is a set of software and hardware system which makes full use of computer technology, vehicle detection technology, image processing technology and communication technology to automatically detect, capture, store and process the vehicles running red lights at intersections.
3、 Scheme architecture
    The system mainly adopts the design based on industrial ring network. The Fctel rail type management industrial switch is used in each road side sub control box. The downlink 100 MB twisted pair is connected to the field equipment, the uplink gigabit optical fiber is connected to the Fctel rail type all Gigabit industrial switch in the main control box at the intersection, and all the data in the main control box at the intersection are converged to the central computer room, The center computer room transmits data information to the traffic command center or the central system of the electronic police through the Fctel rack type full Gigabit three-layer switch.

4、 Scheme features
1. The field equipment at the road entrance can work in a wide temperature range of – 40 ~ 85 ℃, and can adapt to various harsh traffic scenes;
2. In the design of industrial ring network, the self-healing time of ring network is less than or equal to 20ms. When communication failure occurs, the data will be transmitted along the redundant link, which improves the redundancy and reliability of the network;
3. When one power supply is cut off due to human or natural factors, the other power supply will continue to work normally without affecting the data transmission of the communication system;
4. In the access layer, Fctel industrial switch is used, with 100 MB downlink and 1000 Gigabit uplink. In the uplink interface, data congestion caused by data burst is completely eliminated;
5. The design of optical fiber ring network is one of the topology designs with the least transmission delay, the highest redundancy and reliability. It not only ensures the fast real-time transmission of data services, but also ensures the reliability of communication transmission.
5、 Successful cases of road traffic
    In order to improve the road traffic management level and public security monitoring and prevention ability of Huangshi City, the overall deployment of scientific, standardized and modernized public security system management is implemented. According to the requirements of Huangshi Municipal government and Huangshi traffic police brigade, a relatively complete road traffic and social security monitoring and command system has been established at the more important intersections in the urban area.
    The current situation is: huangshigang Tuancheng mountain area, Xisaishan Xialu District, Tieshan district and other major intersections, traffic markings have been blurred, traffic signal monitoring facilities are dilapidated, damaged and missing. According to the current road situation, the project will replace and build the traffic signal monitoring facilities at the above intersections, mainly including electronic police system, signal control system, video capture system, vehicle intelligent monitoring and recording system, security checkpoint system, etc.

    The core network of the center computer room of the project has been built in advance. The transmission network is leased from the optical fiber network of telecom operators. The communication equipment of Fctel technology is used in the field access layer and the computer room convergence layer. It mainly uses Fctel industrial grade optical fiber switch, Fctel rail type industrial switch and Fctel rack type central switch. After several months of stable operation, the road condition of Huangshi City has been greatly improved. With the help of bayonet license plate recognition system, road monitoring system and mobile electronic police system, the red light running system plays an important role in the traffic management of Huangshi City.

    At present, as a complete security technology prevention system, Ping’an city is composed of technical defense system, material defense system, civil defense system and management system. It is a complex of multiple systems cooperating and interacting to complete security prevention. The road electronic police intelligent system of Hangzhou Fctel Technology Co., Ltd. adopts different technical means from social resources, key regional resources, intelligent transportation and other aspects. Good implementation of “high definition, intelligent, network” and other public security applications.
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