Fctel-technology Scheme of high definition electronic police monitoring system
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    1、 Project background
    The phenomenon of vehicle violation in urban traffic intersection has been a persistent disease in the city, which has a serious impact on the smooth road and pedestrian safety. How to regulate the driver’s driving behavior and investigate and deal with the behavior of violating traffic rules timely and accurately is the key problem of road monitoring.
Electronic police system can be widely used in unattended intersection, one-way line, no traffic, limited time road, Limited vehicle lane, main and auxiliary road entrance and exit, bus lane, illegal speeding, line pressing, lane changing and other places. The use of scientific and technological means to achieve effective monitoring and governance of violations. Therefore, a complete and stable management and control system with high accuracy, intelligent automatic monitoring, shooting and handling illegal parking is very necessary.

    2、 System scheme
    High definition electronic police monitoring system is composed of front-end equipment, network transmission system and central management system.
    1). Front end equipment of intersection
    The function of front-end equipment is to collect and receive remote control commands from the monitoring center, and to collect the video signals needed by the command center in real time and accurately.
The front-end equipment selects an integrated high-definition color camera according to the application environment, has integrated optical zoom lens, automatic white balance function, and supports manual and automatic aperture, focusing, shutter and gain control. All monitoring points can be equipped with a cloud platform to suit for wide range of monitoring.
    2). Network transmission system
    The transmission device completes the uplink transmission of video signal and the downlink transmission of control data.
    The Internet of things gateway adopts 3g/4g wireless transmission to realize the common network transmission of video signal, data and control signal. Wireless data transmission is efficient and safe, and can provide a stable transmission path for the whole video monitoring system.
    Main functions of industrial IOT gateway:
    At the same time, it can meet the requirements of the on-site video monitoring and other network interface equipment access and data acquisition of various sensors.
    Set 4G network, Wan, WiFi and other communication modes, and can be selected NB IOT communication mode.
    The rich acquisition and control ports meet the requirements of various sensors.
    The high-end processor is made of arm architecture; The standard Linux system supports secondary development of users.
    3. Central management system
    The central management subsystem mainly realizes the remote management, network monitoring, image capture and data processing of the electronic police front-end intersection equipment, as well as punishment of illegal vehicles, and fully considers the interface compatibility with other traffic management software systems.
    3、 System functions
    1). Capture function of red light
    The high-definition camera captures the image to determine whether the vehicle runs a red light. When the vehicle has violation of the red light, it will immediately capture three high-definition pictures reflecting the illegal information of the vehicle and keep the pictures associated.
    2). Video detection vehicle function
    When the vehicle has violation of the red light, three high-definition pictures reflecting the illegal information of the vehicle will be captured immediately and the pictures will be associated and saved.
    3). Breaking the ban, breaking the forbidden line and other illegal acts
    The system can judge the illegal behaviors of right / left turn, reverse driving, line pressing, crossing, forbidden line violation and vehicle driving in non motor vehicle lane by intelligent analysis of video.
    4. Bayonet function
    The system has the function of rear bayonet, that is, when the green light and yellow light are in the state, all vehicles passing through each lane are detected, captured, recorded, saved and identified.
    5. License plate recognition function
    The system has the ability of automatic identification of vehicle number plates such as civil, police, military and armed police. The recognition rate of vehicle number plate in daytime is more than 95%, and that of night vehicle number plate is more than 90%.
    6. Vehicle type and color identification
    The system uses the method of license plate color and video detection technology to classify the vehicle, which can automatically identify the four kinds of license plate background colors, including black, blue, yellow and white.

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