[Fctel technology] wind farm wind turbine remote monitoring system solution
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    With the gradual reduction of coal, oil and other energy, people pay more and more attention to the use of renewable energy. Wind power is the cheapest and most promising renewable energy, and it is a kind of “green energy” that does not pollute the environment. The construction of existing wind farms is generally scattered, and the managers of wind farms have to understand the operation of each wind farm, so the existing decentralized monitoring and control obviously can not meet the requirements.
    Generally, the site selection of wind farms is remote, the geographical environment is harsh, the staff live far away from the site, the staff work hard, and it is not easy to recruit new staff because of poor working conditions. Because each wind farm is far away from each other, and there are a lot of fans in each wind farm, so each wind farm needs to be equipped with certain staff for routine inspection and maintenance, resulting in a waste of staff.

    Wind turbines in wind farms generally work in harsh environment, which makes their working environment moist, acid-base corrosion, high dust, electromagnetic interference, extremely cold and extremely hot, and operate for a long time without being on duty. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure real-time and reliable control. In large-scale wind farms, it is usually necessary to monitor dozens or hundreds of wind turbines in clusters, which requires the construction of a stable, reliable, fast and real-time network system.
    In order to solve the above confusion of users, we propose a remote monitoring system for wind turbines in wind farms, and set up monitoring centers in cities hundreds to thousands of kilometers away. Through the system, wind power companies can remotely manage the operation of local wind farms, which solves the problem that it is difficult for wind power companies to unify the management of local wind farms before, and can uniformly monitor a variety of wind turbines in wind farms, so as to achieve the goal of unattended wind farms. Although the customers are hundreds of kilometers away, they are on the scene.
    In order to ensure the normal operation of the wind turbine, it is expected to achieve preventive maintenance, so as to greatly reduce the loss caused by the failure of the wind turbine, and realize the efficient and reliable transmission of equipment data in the Ethernet. Fctel Technology Industrial Ethernet switch adopts g.8032 ring network protocol, which can realize the self-healing of the ring network within 5ms, greatly improving the reliability of the ring network.

Project requirements:
    Monitor and manage the fan site, build monitoring system, realize networking through mature industrial Ethernet network, and the main station of dispatching center directly monitors the operation of each station of fan.
The scheme of remote monitoring system for fan in Fctel science and technology electric field:

    The remote monitoring system of wind farm mainly collects and monitors the equipment operation and production operation data of wind turbines and substations distributed in different areas, so that the monitoring center can timely and accurately understand the production and operation status of each wind farm. The automatic centralized control system of wind farm includes the collection and centralized processing of the data of wind condition, wind turbine and wind farm operation condition, the provision of local operation and remote monitoring man-machine interface, and the efficiency optimization and safety guarantee control of wind turbine and wind farm operation automatically or according to the feedback instructions of management personnel.

The monitoring function of the fan is realized on site
    a. Environment under the wind turbine tower: a network management switch equipment needs to be installed at the bottom of each wind turbine tower, which is connected with other network equipment such as high-definition webcam and walkie talkie on site through Ethernet to form a LAN, of which 7 and 8 ports of optical fiber are used to form a redundant optical fiber ring network, and 9 ports of optical fiber are used to connect with non network management switch equipment in the engine room on the tower.
    b. Fan cabin environment: each fan cabin is equipped with a non network management switch, in which the optical port is used to connect with the switch at the bottom of the fan tower. The network port is connected with other network devices such as high-definition webcam and walkie talkie in the cabin.
    c. Central monitoring room: the central monitoring master station is connected to the internal industrial Ethernet of the whole fan through the optical fiber port 9 of the central switch, so as to timely understand the operation of each station of the whole fan.

The scheme has the following advantages:
    1. It can realize data communication and interconnection of various heterogeneous wind farm monitoring equipment, greatly improve integration efficiency and meet the existing and future demands;
    2. The equipment at the bottom is shielded, the communication connection and data exchange cost of the system are reduced, so that the replacement of single monitoring equipment of each wind farm does not affect the operation of the whole monitoring system, and makes the subsystem of the sub station have good network connection function. It can flexibly use network cooperation according to the network conditions, and have the ability to communicate with the provincial and regional master stations at the same time;
    3. It is also convenient to transform the digital power automation system in the future.
    4. All information of wind farm interacting between main station and sub station operates according to IEC 61850 model, realizes information sharing between operation system and other supporting systems, reduces repetitive construction and investment, improves compatibility and stability of equipment and system, and reduces monitoring cost;
    5. The 2m communication interface widely used in power system can be effectively used to make the transmission of telemetry, remote control, remote control, remote signal information and image, sound, security alarm and other information unaffected, and ensure the timeliness and reliability of communication.

Advantages of Fctel ring network switch:
    1. The networking scheme uses the ring network scheme, which greatly improves the network flexibility. Any failure point will not have any impact on the current network. At the same time, each ring network is independent of each other.
    2. Ring switch has the characteristics of link self-healing and self recovery, which ensures the stability of data transmission of remote equipment maintenance system.
    3. The ring network wiring is convenient, and the ring network switch has the characteristics of fast networking, flexible networking and easy maintenance. Make it easier to use.
    4. IEEE 802.3z ring network protocol, plug and play, automatic networking; It is fully distributed, not afraid of the main control node failure, and the recovery time of the whole network is less than 5ms. It can build a variety of complex ring network structures such as intersecting ring, tangent ring and so on.
    5. Domestic first built-in lithium battery, with lithium battery protection and charging function, the lithium battery can provide more than 5 hours of power supply when the equipment is powered off, to ensure the normal operation of ring network optical fiber line (this function can be optional).
    6. Support a variety of optical fiber network structure: point-to-point, star, chain, ring redundancy, and can be combined into more complex network topology, support a variety of optical fiber network structure.
    7. The switch is built with 1mbit mp-ssram high-speed memory, non blocking design, and the maximum backplane bandwidth is 32GBIT / s.
    8. The device with the console (CLI) network management and web management platform can be online software upgrade, in the host side can manage the working state of each slave device.
    9. It meets the requirements of industrial grade IV electromagnetic compatibility; Super lightning protection function: anti lightning, anti induced high voltage, anti surge, etc. efficient heat dissipation without fan, reduce the repair time.
    10. Ethernet interface and serial data with lightning protection, lightning protection up to GB / t17626.5 (iec61000-4-  5) short circuit current wave 8 / 20 μ s. Open circuit peak output voltage 6kV standard.
    Well, the above is Fctel technology about wind farm wind turbine remote monitoring system solutions related detailed introduction, hope to help you! Fctel technology, an expert in optical communication and access solutions, can solve product customization problems and small and medium batch orders for you. Choosing Hangzhou Fctel means choosing to be at ease, to be at ease and to be at ease. Welcome to understand and exchange.
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