Project solution of Fctel technology HDMI optical terminal used in multimedia information publishing system
Time : Feb. 25, 2022    View : 368

    Hangzhou Fctel technology HDMI optical terminal is used in multimedia information release and other application systems, which can transmit HDMI audio and video signals for a long distance. Using ordinary HDMI cable for long-distance transmission, there will be signal difference, easy to be interfered, and the displayed image will appear fuzzy, trailing, color separation and other phenomena. If the transmission distance is short, it can not meet the requirements of long-distance transmission in multimedia information publishing and other occasions. Using Fctel technology HDMI optical transceiver can completely solve this kind of problem.

    Today, we went to the park Ning Hotel in Dongguan. We talked with their manager and learned that they only have this large screen in several important rooms. Other small rooms seem to be LCD TVs. Their transmission distance with optical transceiver is not far, almost 100 meters. In fact, the scheme of using the equipment is very simple, that is, the computer signal is transmitted to the large screen, which is realized by the optical transceiver when the distance is far away.

    The original engineering company used another company’s product. Because the original optical cable is multi-mode, the effect is not very good in the process of realizing HD transmission. Based on the user’s feedback, we know that the product quality of the optical transceiver can not meet the user’s requirements, and the other party requires 1080p Hd transmission, However, because the HDMI optical transceiver provided by the other party is used in ordinary occasions, it can not meet the user’s requirements. In fact, what the customer requires is that it can achieve the effect of radio and television level video conference, and transmit 1080p images and pictures to each designated place coherently. In order to cooperate with the other party’s acceptance, our engineers first carefully measured the specific attenuation of the original multimode optical cable, After coming back, we will increase the power of our HDMI optical transceiver, which can ensure good image effect and provide enough margin for later attenuation.

    1. The switchboard room is equipped with an industrial computer as the information source and four HDMI optical terminals (T) as the transmitter.
    PS: transmitter of optical transceiver (it should be suggested that it should not be stacked to avoid too high temperature. He also said that the shell of the transceiver is very hot when it works. Will there be any problem? I said that it is already made of aluminum. If the iron is still hot, it can withstand a high temperature of 60 degrees.)
    2. The information transmitted by the transmitter is transmitted to the receiving room through optical fiber, and the receiving room is equipped with HDMI optical transceiver (R). The received video signal is displayed on the large screen.

    3. Because the lobby of their hotel is close to the switchboard room, there is no need to use HDMI optical transceiver. Each of the other four rooms is equipped with an HDMI optical transceiver (R), which can display the received information on the large screen.
   4. In order to let you have a more detailed understanding of how the HDMI optical transceiver is used in this project, we have detailed the topology of high-definition video transmission in the park Ning Hotel.

    Well, the above content is the application case of HDMI optical transceiver in Berlin Hotel. We always adhere to the quality policy of “quality for survival, reputation for development”, solve any practical problems of customers, and let customers rest assured. Hangzhou Fctel has been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of optical fiber communication for 20 years. It is mainly engaged in optical terminals, optical fiber transceivers, industrial switches, protocol converters, etc. we provide customized products and services for customers. Welcome to understand and exchange.