Solution of remote meter reading in intelligent building by transferring serial port to TCP/IP server
Time : Mar. 01, 2022    View : 392

    In the electric power meter reading automation system, the application of ut-6632c RS232 / 422 / 485 to TCP / IP serial port server, provides 32 serial interfaces to meet the serial port conversion of many meters, RS232 / 422 / 485 interface can coexist in a server for users to choose. Serial port to TCP / IP remote acquisition and transmission of meter data has the advantages of high-speed and stable Ethernet network, and has the advantages of no wiring, reducing the cost of materials and construction.
System advantages:
    (1) The meter reading system has the advantages of fast speed and strong real-time performance.
    (2) The software interface of the background system is friendly and beautiful, the operation is simple and intuitive, the software interface function is rich, and the expansibility is strong.
    (3) From the unit collector to the cell concentrator, the meter data is converted into TCP / IP data packets after being connected to the acquisition terminal through 485 bus and transmitted to the concentrator through Ethernet. The user can manage the cell meter data through the computer in the background.
    (4) Centralized data management is convenient for statistics and settlement of electricity information.
    The meter management system software running on the computer can manage each meter, which is easy to operate and greatly reduces the workload of meter reading personnel.
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