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128-Channel Dry Contact over Ethernet Converter (with WEB and SNMP network management)

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Type : Dry Contact Closure over IP
Description :

The product supports 128-channel DI or DO, DI supports dry contact input mode, DO supports dry contact output and pulse output mode.


The 19 inches rack type dry contact to ethernet converter is a dry contact network server that enables dry contact devices to immediately have networking capabilities. The product supports 128-channel DI or DO, DI supports dry contact input mode, DO supports dry contact output and pulse output mode. There are 2 100 Mbit/S Ethernet ports, one of which is a 100 Mbit/s Ethernet Comb port (one 100 Mbit/S electrical port or one 100 Mbit/s optical port). The ports meet the requirements for dual IP and MAC addresses, multiple networks, or network backup.


The dry contact server supports multiple network protocols, such as TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, SNMP, Telnet, and SSH. With perfect management functions, support access control, quick configuration, online upgrade, etc. It supports multiple TCP session connections, supports Modbus TCP Server, and other working modes; It Supports WEB access. It has a friendly interface design of the network management system, which is simple and convenient for operation, and can bring you a good user experience.


The hardware adopts fanless, low power consumption, wide temperature and wide pressure design, and can adapt to the harsh requirements of EMC industrial field environment through strict testing in line with industry standards.


Use a high-speed processor, running Linux OS Openwrt system;

Supports 2 10/100M self-adaptive electrical Ethernet interfaces, including 1 WAN 100M Ethernet and 1 LAN Comb port (1 100M electrical port or 1 100M SFP optical port, supporting SFP optical module DDM management) to provide dual IP and dual MAC addresses to meet the needs of multi-network management or network backup;

Adaptive support 10/100 base-t Ethernet Ethernet interface; Supports automatic negotiation (Auto-Nego Full&half duplex) and automatic cross-wire detection (MDI/MDIX);

Support for a total of 128way switch quantity DI and DO; DI supports dry node input mode, and DO supports dry contact output mode and pulse output mode (wet contact);

Support Modbus TCP Server, SNMP, SSH and so on the many kinds of working mode, implementation way to read through the network switch equipment and data; Support over gateway, cross route communication; Support network interruption automatic connection recovery function;

Support the SNMP protocol the Get with the Set command to read and Set the switch quantity of input and output state;

Every road sign with the light on the switch on and off state; Input switch quantity open and close automatic detection;

Switch input interface and cabin filter, filter out interference pulse, and guarantee the stability of the output switch output signal;

Support the standard TCP/IP SOCKET application access, TCP supports multiple connections, satisfy multiple users at the same time, monitoring or management within the switch quantity of equipment;

UDP communication mode supports single or multiple machine, meet more than one user at the same time monitoring or management switch equipment;

Supports Windows configuration tool, SSH, Telnet and WEB configuration in the form, support the SNMP network management;

Supports local and remote system firmware upgrade;

Switch interface and lightning protection achieve IEC61000-4-5 mu S (8/20) differential mode: 6 kv, impedance (40 Ω); Common mode :6KV, impedance (40Ω) standard;

Avariety of optional power supply way: AC220V, DC – 48 v/DC24V, etc; Support AC+DC; AC+AC; DC+DC dual power mode;


● 10/100M Ethernet Interface  

Agreement: Compliant with IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3z

Speed rate: 10/100 adaptive m full/half duplex adaptive

MAC address table: A maximum of 4096 MAC addresses can be learned

Physical port: The RJ45 socket supports Auto-MDIX


● Dry Contact Interface

Output interface type:

Dry contact: dry contact output of signal relay;

Pulse volume (wet contact) :

Optical MOS relay output, 0-VCC(VCC for the local power supply voltage)

Response time

Dry contact output :<1.2ms; Wet contact output <0.6ms

Switching signal

Dry contact output 30VDC/0.5A;

Wet contact output :245VDC/0.12A

Maximum switching frequency 50HZ

Output surge protection: dry contact output: none; Wet contact output: TVS+ solid discharge tube protection


● Environmental index

Operating temperature: -40℃ — +85℃

Storage temperature: -40℃ — +85℃

Working humidity: 0% — 95% (no condensation)

MTBF: > 100,000 hours


Product Number


Function Description

Transmission of 128*dry contact on Ethernet, 19 inches rack mount.

Port Description

128-channel dry contact interface; 1 * 100M Ethernet port + 1 * 100M Comb port

Power Supply

The AC220V or DC-48V (optional) supports power redundancy backup

Product Size

Size: 485*200*45mm




dry contact to ip converter

dry contact to ip converter


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