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2-Port Opto-Isolated RS485 Hub/Repeater

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Type : RS485 Repeater
Description :

This device features 2 fully electrically isolated RS485 channels, with each RS485 channel having a 6kV lightning protection capability, optoelectronic isolation, and an isolation voltage up to 3KV.


This device features 2 fully electrically isolated RS485 channels, with each RS485 channel having a 6kV lightning protection capability, optoelectronic isolation, and an isolation voltage up to 3KV. Additionally, each channel has its own independent ground, ensuring that if one RS485 bus is compromised, devices on other RS485 buses are protected. Each RS485 port can support up to 128 nodes, with each RS485 and power port boasting a 6kV lightning protection capability.


It comes equipped with circuit short-circuit and data error detection and isolation functions, along with common-mode inductor differential filtering and FPGA digital filters, allowing for communication distances up to 2200 meters (9600bps). It is widely used in complex industrial systems.


Based on the FPGA design, the device incorporates a common mode inductor differential filter and an FPGA digital filter. It can filter out glitches in the circuit and automatically generate precise RS485 transmit/receive switching enable signals based on the transmitted data.

Each RS485 channel is equipped with 6kV lightning protection and 3kV optoelectronic isolation. They have independent shielded wire ground interfaces and LED indicators. A 3kV DC-DC isolated power supply powers the device, and the communication signals are optically isolated using high-speed optocouplers.

The power supply ground is isolated from the ground of RS485 channels 1, 2, and 3. The ground of RS485 channels 1, 2, and 3 is mutually isolated, achieving 3kV electrical isolation. It can even handle direct AC220V or AC380V voltage input without damaging the isolation on the other end.

The device includes built-in line short-circuit detection and data error detection functions. It can detect short circuits between the A and B lines of the RS485 and identify data reception errors (such as the longest duration of continuous zeros exceeding 300bps), indicating the problematic channel with an LED and automatically isolating it.

It supports multi-node communication, with each RS485 channel capable of supporting 128 enhanced nodes and a maximum transmission distance of 2,200 meters at 9600bps.

The RS485 interface features three-level lightning protection, meeting the GB/T17626.5 (IEC61000-4-5) standard with a short-circuit current wave of 10/700μs and an open-circuit peak output voltage of 6kV, with a 40ohm internal resistance.

It supports a wide range of 9-70V DC power inputs, and the power interface has 6kV lightning protection capability. It offers overload and reverse connection protection, meeting the requirements of industrial electromagnetic compatibility.

It can withstand high-voltage induction, surge, and other disturbances with excellent lightning protection.

It features fanless and efficient heat dissipation, reducing repair time, and can be conveniently mounted on a DIN rail.

It operates in a wide temperature range, from -40°C to +85°C.


● Serial Port


EIA/TIA-485 RS-485 (ISO/IEC 8284)

Serial Interface:

RS-485: 2-wires

RS-485 2 wires: A(+), B(-), SG (Signal Ground)

Terminal devices with 120-ohm matching resistors are built-in.


● Environmental Index

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Operating Humidity: 0% to 95% (non-condensing)

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): >200,000 hours


Product Model FCC-D2JM
Function Description Industrial Rail-mounted 2-channel RS485 Hub
Ports Description 2 isolated RS485 ports, 1 uplink isolated RS485 port
Power Supply DC 5-70V input, power consumption <1W
Overload Protection: Supported; Reverse Connection Protection: Supported
Terminal Connection: 3-core 5.08mm pitch terminal
Weight 0.15Kg/pcs


application of rs485 isolator

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