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Managed Din-Rail 6-Port Gigabit Ethernet + 6-Port Gigabit SFP Industrial Ring Network Switch

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Type : Managed Din Rail Industrial Switch
Description :

This product offers: 6 Gigabit SFP optical ports (4 of them are for ring network); 6 electrical Gigabit Ethernet ports, support Multi-Fiber Ring, and Console/WEB management.


This product uses industrial rail design, it has 4 fiber-optic ports for ring network to achieve in a harsh environment, the stability of data transmission, reliability and timeliness. Work network signal into a chain structure, but simplifies installation and reduces the cost of the project.

This product offers: 6 Gigabit SFP optical ports (4 of them are for ring network); 6 electrical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, support Multi-Fiber Ring, and Console/WEB management.


6 port din switch 6 port din switch


Industrial rail designed specifically for harsh industrial environments 
Device provides six Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 Gigabit optical ring interfaces, 2 SFP Gigabit Ethernet ports, wire-speed transmission bandwidth 1000M;
 Switch built 4Mbit MP-SSRAM high-speed memory, non-blocking design, the maximum backplane bandwidth 32GBit/S
 Support the transmission of extra-long VLAN packets that can support IEEE802.1Q protocols Items matching switches use;
 Have a broadcast storm protection, balanced flow, isolate the conflict and error detection and other functions; 
 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive electrical ports MDI / MDI-X adaptive without manual adjustment,
Ethernet interfaces with serial data with lightning protection, lightning reached GB / T17626.5 (IEC61000-4-5) Short circuit current wave 8/20μs, open standard  peak output voltage 6KV
 The device comes with WEB management platform, online software upgrades, the host side can manage the work of each state machine equipment;
 Supports a wide range of AC and DC input (9V-48V), supports internal isolation, redundant dual power inputs, power support overload protection, anti-reverse protection
Meet the industry’s four electromagnetic compatibility requirements, 
 IP40 enclosure rating and can withstand harsh conditions, rail or wall mounting
 Super Lightning function: lightning, induction can be anti-hypertension, anti-surge, fanless efficient cooling, reducing repair time
 Wide temperature range: Operating temperature -40℃ ~ + 85℃


● Fiber

  Multi-mode Fiber

50/125um, 62.5/125um,

Maximum transmission distance: 5Km @ 62.5 / 125um single mode fiber, attenuation (3dbm/km)Wave Length: 820nm

Transmitting power: -12dBm (Min) ~-9dBm (Max)

Receiver sensitivity: -28dBm (Min)

Link budget: 16dBm

Single-mode Fiber

8/125um, 9/125um

Maximum transmission distance:    40Km

Transmission distance: 40Km @ 9 / 125um single mode fiber,attenuation (0.35dbm/km)

Wave Length: 1310nm

Transmitting power: -9dBm (Min) ~-8dBm (Max)

Receiver sensitivity: -27dBm (Min)

Link budget: 18dBm 


● Ethernet Interface(10/100/1000M)

Interface rate: 10/100/1000 Mbps, half/full duplex auto-negotiation

Interface Standard: Compatible with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

MAC Address Capability:     4096

Connector: RJ45, support Auto-MDIX


● Working Environment

Working temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C

Working Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)

Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 80°C

Storage Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)



Model Number: ERING-FG6G6

Functional Description

6*1000M electrical port + 4*Gigabit optical ring port+2*1000M SFP port, Web management, Industrial Rail or wall mounted

Port Description

Six Gigabit Ethernet SFP optical ports, 6*GE ports


Dual redundant power inputs DC9-48V/AC9-48V,power consumption <10W

Support Overload Protection

Support reverse polarity protection

Support redundancy protection

Access Terminal: 4-pin plug-in terminal pitch of 5.08mm


Product Size: 133X120X40mm (WXDXH)




application of 6 port din switch


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