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Managed Rackmount 24-Port 100MB SFP + 4-Port Gigabit SFP/UTP Industrial Switch

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Type : Managed Rackmount Industrial Switch
Description :

24*100M SFP + 4 gigabit combo switch is a new generation of multi-service access network management Gigabit redundant Ethernet switch.


This switch is a new generation of multi-service access network management gigabit redundant Ethernet switch, with high integration and rich functions. It has 24 ports 100M SFP and 4 SFP/UTP combo ports, especially suitable for video transmission and other occasions with large data streams.


It supports rich layer-2 management protocols for industrial switch applications and supports STP, RSTP and MSTP protocols to ensure the real-time stability of the network. The switch adopts mature technology and open network standard, adapts to low and high temperatures, it has features of anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-salt fog, anti-shock and anti-shake, and can meet the requirements of harsh working environments. It provides efficient, reliable and fast solutions for the industrial Internet of things.


Managed 24 Ports 100MB SFP + 4 Gigabit SFP/UTP Combo Ports Industrial Switch Managed 24 Ports 100MB SFP + 4 Gigabit SFP/UTP Combo Ports Industrial Switch


All aluminum alloy shell, good heat dissipation characteristics, metal oxide oxidation process, IP40 protection grade;

It can support 24*100m optical port and 4 gigabit optical combo interface;

Each electrical port or optical port supports STP, RSTP and MSTP protocols;

Support web, CLI and telnet management functions;

Provide console debugging;

It can be used as Poe (POE +) equipment;

It is allowed to set the IPv4 address and IPv6 address by itself, or generate the IPv4 address and IPv6 address by the DHCP server;

Support SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3, and select different versions to monitor the device;

Providing NTP (Network Time Protocol) network time proofreading service;

It allows the ability to configure each port, including the configuration of power up/down, speed, duplex, auto-negotiation, flow control, address learning and port name;

Provide port image function, which is completed through source ports, destination ports and monitoring methods;

The storm control function of each port for the broadcast packet, multicast packet, ARP packet and ICMP packet is provided. The maximum number of packets in the control period can reach 255 per unit time.

Provide flow control for transmission and reception of each port, initially set to the maximum online rate;

Support VLAN function, one or more ports can be configured as independent domains according to logic; The device supports IEEE 802.1Q and port-based VLAN. The untagging function of the port can remove the 802.1Q tag from the packet to maintain compatibility with devices that do not support IEEE 802.1Q;

Support QinQ (double VLAN tag) port function setting;

Support QoS implementation, and provide some ways to give priority to the functions requiring larger bandwidth or higher priority; It can create more bandwidth and limit other less important traffic, thus saving too much bandwidth. Each physical port on the device has its own queue to realize the application of various packets;

Support DSCP base function setting, TCP/UDP port base function setting, and ACL configuration;

Support port MAC IP binding, support IPv4/IPv6, achieve basic security protection and filtering by checking the source IP address of the packet; It can check whether the source IP address, MAC address and source port match through the page layout of each port, and further act on the matched packets by selecting two filtering modes;

Support DHCP snooping entry setting and MAC address based security function; It can be set to discard the packets that do not conform to the MAC table or set the port to discard, mirror forward and sample forward the specific MAC address to the CPU port;

It supports the trunk group function, and can combine several ports, and use the specific way of traffic distribution to achieve a higher network transmission speed. It supports four 100MB groups and two 1g groups, and can combine the two groups to form a group with up to eight 100MB members and four 1g members;

Support IGMP snooping, MLD snooping,

Support loop detect loop detection, the switch generates loop on-line, and when the loop is detected, one of the 2 ports causing the loop will be blocked, so that the packet can not be imported into the switch through the loop, so as to avoid the problem of network off-line of the switch;

Support GVRP protocol, and realize the function of automatic registration and VLAN cancellation of each port by using the information exchange between ports. The messages used are join message, leave message and leaveall message;

Support neighbor macid function to find the adjacent switch MAC ID of each port. Send neighbor info packet according to the set sending cycle. After receiving the neighbor info packet, switch will add or update the MAC ID and aging time. The switch neighbor MAC ID information can be obtained by using UDP netcmd tool;

Support scan macid lookup table to provide MAC address of each port, and users can clear MAC address of lookup table;

Ethernet interface with three-level lightning protection, lightning protection up to GB / t17626.5 (iec61000-4-5) short circuit current wave 10/700 μ Open circuit peak output voltage 6kV standard;

Various power supply modes: AC220V, dc-48v / DC + 24V / DC + 12V, etc; Support AC + DC; AC+AC; DC + DC dual power backup mode.


Supported Protocols

IEEE802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE802.1q, IEEE802.1p, IEEE802.1z, IEEE802.1d, IEEE802.1s, IEEE802.1w, IEEE802.1ax, IEEE802.1ak

Maximum Frame Length



24*100M SFP port, 4*10/100/1000M SFP/UTP combo port, 1 console port

Network Medium





1000Base-LX: Using long wavelength laser (1310nm) to cross multimode and single-mode fiber, the maximum transmission distance of multimode fiber is 550m and single-mode fiber is 10-24km.

1000Base-SX: The maximum transmission distance of 62.5 μ m multimode fiber is 275 m, and 50μmmultimodefiber is 550m.

10Base-T: Cat3 UTP or Cat3+; (Max transmission distance 200m)

100Base-TX: Cat5 UTP or Cat5+; (Max transmission distance100m)

1000Base-T: CAT-5E UTP or Cat6; (Max transmission distance100m)

VLAN Address Capacity


MAC Address Capacity




Backplane Bandwidth


Forwarding Rate



10Mbps: 14880pps

100Mbps: 148800pps

1000Mbps: 1488000pps

Operating Environment


Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃; Storage humidity: 0%~90% Non condensing

working temperature:  -40℃~85℃; Working humidity: 0%~90% Non condensing

Power Consumption






Management 24 SFP+4 100m Combo port, power internal


24*100M SFP, 4GE optic/4 GE UTP, 1 Console


Input: AC: 90-264v, 50-60Hz; DC-48V: 36-72V; DC+24V: 18-32V; DC + 12V: 9-16v support power redundancy backup

Power consumption: up to 20W


485*200*45mm rack type




application of Managed 24 Ports 100MB SFP + 4 Gigabit SFP/UTP Combo Ports Industrial Switch


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