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Managed Din-Rail 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet + 4-Port Gigabit SFP Industrial Switch

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Type : Managed Din Rail Industrial Switch
Description :

This product adopts industrial rail design, it is a new generation of multi-service access network management Gigabit redundant Ethernet switch.


This product adopts industrial rail design, 24*Gigabit Ethernet + 4*Gigabit SFP Optical switch is a new generation of multi-service access network management Gigabit redundant Ethernet switch, with high integration, rich functions, simple and convenient, etc., representing the industry’s highest level. Contains 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 4 Gigabit optical ports, especially suitable for occasions with large data streams such as video transmission.


It supports rich Layer 2 management protocols required for industrial switch applications, supports ITU G.8032 redundant ring network protocol, and forms cascaded, single-ring, tangent-ring networks and other topological structures. The self-healing time is less than 20ms, ensuring the real-time and stability of the network. The switch adopts mature technology and open network standards, adapts to low temperature and high temperature, has strong anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-salt spray, anti-seismic and anti-shake, meets the harsh working environment requirements of industrial sites, and provides efficient, reliable and quick solutions for the industrial Internet of things.


24 + 4 Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch


All-aluminum alloy shell, good heat dissipation characteristics, gold oxide oxidation process, IP40 protection level;

Aluminum alloy industrial guide rail design, designed for harsh industrial environments;

Support 24 Gigabit electrical ports and 4 Gigabit SFP optical ports;

Each electrical port or optical port supports the standard ERPS ring network protocol, and the self-healing time is less than 20ms;

Support port bandwidth limitation, port flow control, broadcast storm suppression;

Support Web, CLI, Telnet management functions;

Power down alarm, loop alarm;

Provide Console debugging;

Can support POE (POE+) equipment;

Management functions:

   1. Support CLI, WEB, SNMP management methods

   2. Support port speed limit based on ingress/egress, support half-duplex back pressure flow control and 802.3X full-duplex flow control

   3. Support storm suppression based on broadcast, multicast and unknown unicast

   4. Support IEEE 802.1Q 4K VLAN, support QINQ

   5. Support port mirroring, support Syslog, support Ping command, etc.

   6. Support COS, DSCP, 8 queues, support WRR, SP, WFQ scheduling mode, policy QOS

   7. Support port traffic statistics, online upgrade

   8. Support STP/RSTP, MSTP, support EAPS, ERPS

   9. Support IGMP Snooping V1/V2/V3, support GMRP

   10. Support manual aggregation, support static/dynamic LACP protocol

   11. Support one relay alarm, support RMON management, TRAP alarm

   12. Support DHCP Snooping, Option 82, support 802.1X

   13. Support user hierarchical management, support ACL access control list

   14. Support DDOS, support port-based MAC filtering/binding

Ethernet interface with lightning protection, radar protection to GB/T17626.5 (IEC61000-4-5) short circuit current wave 10/700μs, open circuit peak output voltage 6KV standard;

Support a wide range of AC and DC input (9V-48V), support internal isolation, redundant dual power input, power supply supports overload protection, and anti-reverse connection protection;

Comply with industrial level 4 electromagnetic compatibility requirements;

Super lightning protection function: lightning protection, anti-inductive high voltage, anti-surge, etc., no fan for efficient heat dissipation, reducing repair time;

IP40 shell protection level, able to withstand the test of harsh environments, rail or wall-mounted installation;

Wide temperature type: working temperature -40℃~ +85℃;


Product Number


Supported Protocol

IEEE802.3、IEEE 802.3u、IEEE 802.3ab、IEEE 802.3x、IEEE802.1q、IEEE802.1p、IEEE802.1z、IEEE802.1d、IEEE802.1s、IEEE802.1w、IEEE802.1ax、IEEE802.1ak

Maximum Frame Length


Port Number

24*10/100/1000M RJ45 electrical ports, 4*100M/1000M SFP optical ports, and 1*Console port

Network Medium





1000Base-LX: Use long-wavelength laser (1310nm) to cross multi-mode and single-mode fiber, the maximum distance of multi-mode fiber is 550m, and single-mode is 20-120km.


1000Base-SX: The maximum transmission distance of 62.5μm multimode fiber is 275m, and the maximum transmission distance of 50μm multimode fiber is 550m.


10Base-T: UTP of category 3 or above; (supports a maximum transmission distance of 200m)


100Base-T: Category 5 UTP; (supports a maximum transmission distance of 100m)


1000Base-T: CAT-5E UTP or Category 6 UTP (supporting a maximum transmission distance of 100m)

VLAN Address Table


MAC Address Table




Backplane Bandwidth


Filtering and Forwarding Rates





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