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4ch video+4GE+8ch voice+serial+dry contact multiplexer

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Type : Multi-Service Fiber Mux
Description :

This series of products is a point-to-point multi service optical transmission equipment developed on the basis of the special VLSI developed by the company.


This series of products is a point-to-point multi service optical transmission equipment developed on the basis of the special VLSI developed by the company. This product provides 4 channel video, 1-8 channel telephone interface, 1-16 channel dry contact / 1-8 channel rs232-422-485 interface, 4 channel Gigabit Ethernet interface (sharing 1000m bandwidth), which is transmitted through one optical fiber, 2 optical interfaces (can be 1 + 1 optical backup), etc.; the internal circuit of the equipment adopts full digital circuit, which is reliable, stable, low power consumption, high integration, small size and easy to use Installation and maintenance.



Integrated circuit based on independent intellectual property rights, the total bandwidth of optical fiber line is 1.5g;

No relay transmission distance of optical port can be up to 2-120 km; 1 + 1 optical port backup function is provided, and double optical port backup function ensures uninterrupted service;

The video interface supports PAL / NTSC / SECAM full system compatibility and broadcast level transmission quality;

4channel Ethernet is 10 / 100 / 1000m, full / half duplex fully adaptive, and each Ethernet port supports auto mdix (Cross / direct connection adaptive);

100M Ethernet supports the transmission of VLAN ultra long packets, which can be matched with the switch products supporting IEEE802.1Q protocol, and can support the mega frame Ethernet packets with the maximum packet length of 10240;

1-8channel voice access, supporting call display function / reverse polarity billing / fax function; voice port supports FXO / FXS / two four wire EM / two four wire audio / magnet telephone interface, FXO port is connected with program-controlled exchange, FXS port is connected with the user’s telephone;

1-16 channel dry contactor 1-8ch RS232 / 422 / 485 serial interfaces can be connected;

One console management interface and one SNMP management interface can be selected;

All kinds of interface lightning protection meet iec61000-4-5 (10 / 700 μ s) differential mode: 6kV impedance (40 Ω); common mode: 6kV, impedance (40 Ω) standard;

A variety of power modes are available: AC220V, dc-48v / DC24V, etc.; it supports AC + DC, AC + AC, DC + DC and other dual power modes.


●  fiber

Optical port: 1, 2 (1+1 optical backup)

Optical port rate: 1.25G

Optical fiber: single fiber and double fiber

Fiber Interface: FC/SC/ST/LC (SFP)

Wavelength: 850nm/1310nm multimode; 1310nm/1550nm single mode

No relay transmission distance: 20~120Km

Typical transmit power:

    Single mode 1310/1550nm: ≥-9dBm

    Multimode 850nm: -18dBm

    Multimode 1310nm: -25dBm

Acceptable sensitivity range: -28dBm~- 40dBm

● Video interface

Video bandwidth: 5hz-10mhz

Signal level: 1Vp-p (typical value)

Sampling frequency: 16.4m

Signal impedance: 75 Ω

Physical interface: BNC (pal, NTSC, SECAM compatible)

Differential gain (DG): < 1.3% (typ.)

Differential phase (DP): < 1.3% (typical value)

SNR: > 63dB (weighted)

●  10/100/1000M Ethernet

Protocol: IEEE 802.3 compliant, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

Rate: 10/100M adaptive, full/half duplex fully adaptive

MAC address table: Can learn 4096 MAC addresses

Physical interface: RJ45 seat, support Auto-MDIX

(cross/straight line adaptive)

●  2/4line audio

Ad gain: 0dB;

Da gain: 0dB

Input impedance of 2 / 4 wire: 600 Ω

●  Serial interface


   EIA/TIA-232 RS-232 (ITU-T V.28)

   EIA/TIA-422 RS-422 (ITU-T V.11)

   EIA/TIA-485 RS-485 (ISO/IEC8284)


   RS-422: TxD+ TxD- RxD+ RxD-

   RS-485 4 wires: TxD+ TxD- RxD+ RxD-       

RS-485 2 wires: A(对应TX+) B(对应TX-) Ground

   RS-232: RXD TXD Signal Ground

  • Dry contact                      

Output interface type: signal relay dry contact output

Response time: signal relay dry contact output: < 1.2ms

Switch signal: signal relay dry contact output 36VDC / 0.5A

Maximum switching frequency: 50Hz

●  Electrical and mechanical properties      

System power supply: ac180v ~ 260V; DC – 48V; DC + 24V

(dual power redundant backup is supported)

Power consumption: ≤ 10W

Appearance structure: 485 (L) X200 (W) x45 (H) mm 19 inch 1U rack type

Weight: 3.8kg/set

●  Working environment                   

Working temperature: -10 ° C – +60 ° C

Storage temperature: -40 ° C – +85 ° C

Working humidity: 0% – 95% (no condensation)

MTBF: >100,000 hour


Product number


Product function description

Transfer 1-4ch video,1-8ch voice interface;1-16ch dry contact/1-8chRS232-422-485 interface;4ch GE Ethernet interface on fiber(Share 1000m bandwidth)


1-4ch video,1-8ch voice interface;1-16ch dry contact/1-8chRS232-422-485 interface;4ch GE Ethernet interface(Share 1000m bandwidth),2 fiber port

Power supply

AC220V / DC-48V / DC+24V(optional)


(L×W×H)  485*140*45mm  19 inch 1U type





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